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Rick's Stump
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Give us your Top 5 Things You Love Most About TWD.

1 - Robert's writing

2 - Charlie's art

3 - No thought ballons

4 - The book plays out at the moment. No flashbacks!

5 - It's in B&W


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1. It has zombies! Real original zombies!! No fast, talking or smart zombies just pure, old school zombies!

2. You generally know, no one's safe. I can really see Rick being killed off one day.

3. The storylines are always brilliant and keep you hooked!

4. You really care about the characters and their development is done brilliantly!

5. Great artwork and the black and white gives this comic some real class.

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Carl Grimes
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1:Great characters you get seriously attached too and feel for when somthing bad happens to them.If youve been reading the single issues for the last 5ish years,youll now how much it hurts when someone dies.And thats amazing considering this is a book!


2:Brilliant Art-Charlie Adlard came along and it was a HUGE shock when he replaced Tony Moore,but he has now made these characters his own.Every issue the art gets better and he's adding more detail constantley.


3:Roberts Writing-Hands down one of the best writers in the industry.He knows how to craft a tale which will keep you hanging on and play with your emotions.A rare gift indeed up there with people like Stephen King,Cormac Mcarthy etc.


4:An original idea for a flogged horse-Zombie stories have been done to death and nothing new or long lived has really been done before.This comes along and shows how a good zombie/end of world/character driven story SHOULD be done




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1. Zombies

2. gory deaths

3. Awesome Handle Bar Mustache Dude

4. Kick ass Kid

5. Cannabilism. 


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i'll go backwards:

5. segs

4. hot chick with facial scar

3. hot chick with sword

2. zombies

1. death.   Lots and lots of death.  like the you dont' realy know when it's gonna come death... .kinda like real life:D


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1.) Kirkman isn't afraid to kill off main characters

2.) Tons of violence

3.) An original look at the zompocolyspe

4.) Kirkman isn't afraid to show some really horrific things

5.) The crazy plot twists

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1. Keeps us guessing

2. The violence

3. art

4. sweet story lines

5. the writing


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Rick's Stump
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These are ALL great guys! Keep em coming! :D


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July 25, 2009 at 8:13 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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1. Robert

2. Charlie

3. Zombies

4. Suspense

5. Characters


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