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Carl Grimes
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*Issue starts with the van full of Saviour defectors .Carson says he cant drive anymore at night because its dangerous and he cant see the road-Eugene offers to take over. He asks Carson to flash a light quickly so they can get their bearings and see if they are near Alexandria. Carson says its too dangerous. They argue and Carson then agrees to turn the lights on quickly.


*The vans lights come on and theres a fair few walkers dotted around. Carson panics and says they need to get out of there,Eugene grabs the wheel and causes the car to swerve-Eugene stated he saw a man on the roof. Suddenly rapid gun fire hits the van bonnet and lights instead of Carson and Eugene.


*The van engines dead-everyone panics as the Roamers start closing in. Eugene turns around and says he has a plan to get them out of this,but they must do exactly what he says.



*Ricks in pain laying against the hay bail-he says Dwight was with the Saviours all along.Nicholas asks him what he is talking about. He grabs Rick and tells him that he needs to get him to Doc Carson and inside asap. Rick asks where everyone is but its too dark to see anything.


*Suddenly a Saviour appears with a knife and is about to attack Rick and Nicholas,when Jesus appears and kicks him to the face. He yells at Nicholas that he will deal with this and to get Rick to the house before they block it off.


*Negan and some Saviours are hidden behind a car argueing about visibility.Negan asks how many more people are out there and how many Saviours have been lost? He is told they have lost at least ten an that their are men ready to storm the main house when he is ready. Negan says lets move.


*Rick and Nicholas are almost at the door when two Saviours come from behind them. One slashes Nicholas's back with a knife and Rick falls forward. One of the Saviours tells Rick they are all dead when suddenly someone shoots the Saviours and says help me get him inside.


*Carl has shot the Saviours-he yells at Gregory to grab Rick as he cant do it alone.They hurry to the house and Nicholas says he can still walk. Gregory quips that its nothing to be ashamed of as he had a hard time walking too. Negan and the Saviours charge the house and yell its time for this to end!


*Carl yells at Nicholas to hurry so they can close the door-Negan yells they are fucking stupid to think a door can keep them out.Negan tells his men to tear the door down and ready their weapons and doesnt want his men to hesitate and spill lots of blood when they gain entry.


*Elsewhere,Ezekial and Michonne are seen readying two seperate cars and saying "I hope this works". The Saviours are about to storm the house when all lights come on around them and the Saviours look surprised....


*As the Saviours are blinded by the car head lights,Andrea and the shooters start firing from the upstairs windows-taking out a load of Saviours.Negan yells at his men to get out the light.Michonne shines a light on him and a shot nearly gets Negan,but a Saviour gets in the way. Negan yells retreat to his men and tells them to get the fuck out of here


*In the streets,Roamers have surrounded the van.The horn of it keeps beeping. On the roof,the Saviour sniper keeps telling them under his breathe to keep beeping it as it will only draw more undead. We can see that something has been wedged against the seat and horn to keep it going.


*Eugene and crew appear behind him-Eugene says "Carson tells me your name is Donnie.." The Saviour turns around and says "huh?"


*Eugene rushes him and pushes him off the roof. Eugene says the guy was dead when he hit the floor and wont feel whats coming.He states it doesnt make it easier and he feels terrible what he did. Carson tells him not to feel bad as Donnie was an animal and Negan keeps people like him away from the others and at the outposts instead. Eugene says "Fuck him then." and tells his group that they wait on the roof til sunrise.


*Two page spread-the grounds of hilltop are a mess and zombies are starting to wander in through the broken gate.Jesus and Michonne agree that the noise from the fight will draw more from miles around.Michonne says that she saw fires burning from the woods and that Negans men have set up camp there. Jesus says this is good news and states he wants to clear a path to the gate and block it with Kingdom buses,Michonne agrees and they start killing undead.


*Doc Carson examines the patients-one explains about being really hot and bleeding lots. Rick complains that he isnt bleeding to death and to help the other guy instead. Carson tells the guy (Nicholas I think) that he cleaned and stitched the wound but its almost like he was bitten. Maggies friend rushes in to tell him that 2 injured people he helped earlier now have bad fevers and to come quickly. Doc Carson says this isnt possible and wonders whats happening..


*Outside,Jesus and Michonne are clearing the grounds.Michonne calls him to come over quickly. She points to something and says "Is that what I think it is". Jesus looks on and says "Oh dear"...


*Jesus shows Carson the knife. Doc Carson states that the blood is too dry to have been from last night. Jesus states that all the Saviours weapons he checked were the same and he believes they were contaminated with walker residue. Doc Carson realises this and states that anyone who was injured by a Saviour weapon,no matter how minor wil die. Carl,Andrea and Rick look shocked-Carl says "Dad?"


*Negan and Dwight are at a camp fire in the woods. Dwight asks if its wise to camp so close. Negan replies that they are doing it and he is starting to think Dwight hasnt got a brain in his head.


He says "Let me spell it out for you:Those people are fucked and its not like they dont know it yet,they are fully aware.They are staring at a fucked up gate and watching their injured sweat their nut sacks or vaginas,whichever,off,before they fucking die....and here we motherfuckers sit in plain view,roasting marsh mallows for all they know,and you shot their leader Rick Motherfucking Grimes!


After that fucker dies they'll be lost and begging me to take their shit and let them go back to normal. And I will happily be their Saviour long as they let me piss all over that assholes body.



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WOW! You think he's fuckedy fucked? 


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Carl Grimes
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Nah,dont think the arrow was gunked up


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I agree with you Carl.  I don't think this is the end of Rick's story either.  I also really like how Eugene handled the situation his group got in.  I am really starting to like his character. 


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