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I was watching an episode of the The Waling Dead a few weeks ago (the one where Glen and Tara escape the prison) and I thought I notcied something.  I downloaded the episode and watched it the next day and sure enough, Tara was wearing a Motor Mouth Mabel shirt.  You probably don't know of them, but they are a local punk band from here in Charleston SC.  This made me curious.  I am friends with those guys and I knew Townson worked on The Amazing Spider-man moive.  I have'nt seen him in about three years, so I gave him a call.  Sure enough, he lives in Atlanta now and works on The Walking Dead.  One of the main producers saw the shirt when he was wearing it one day and wanted to use it on the show.  Talk about perfect product placement.  He said they've been selling a lot of shirts recently. 


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Thats fun!


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