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Wow.. Good find man.  Things are sounding relly good for the show....I can't wait!


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This sounds good!


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brilliant! seems really real now.

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Carl Grimes
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Awsome news!Aonther step closer to reality now:)


On another note,sorry I aint been very active lately.Me and my gf broke up and Ive had alot of shit to deal with.


Anyone think Kirkmans actually gonna have a cameo in the show?Would be a funny thing if him and Charlie had a brief scene


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They would probably cameo as zombies. Like Kirkman playing that lazy zombie from issue 2 and 3. Adlard could be one of the attacking zombies when the camp first gets attacked. That would be sweet

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Very cool info!  Im glad to hear Kirkmans thoughts on it!  Id love to see some cameos too that would be badass! :D


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