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Anyone watch it? Still haven't gotten around to it. Definitely curious, was just saving it for a binge session.


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It was pretty cool, I did not dislike it that's for sure

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I might give it a shot

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do you mean "fear the walking dead".

It took me two or three episodes to warm up to it.

The FINAL episode had only one cool part


when the "protagonists' gathered up an army of zombies to the military base.  It was a little unrealistic, but man, did it look cool.

the final scene, where they're (flying a helicopter?) over the sea for a while wasn't the best closing shot. I was a semi-satisfying ending.

Over-all, I feel the show made its point.  What did the world experience while Rick was in the hospital.  That's what they were going for.


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Yeah I liked it,Travis does my head in though


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