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Just finished it.  I have about 5 minutes to talk about it.

FIRST off, I had high expectations.  I was really hoping for a lot of zombie killing in this episode.

There wasn't.

I was hoping for a lot of action in this episode.

There wasn't.

I was hoping for great suspense that would keep me on the edge of my seat.

there wasn't..

so, a dumb tower thing falls onto the fence and makes an opening for the dead to get in.  There's very little fighting, but the group makes their way to a house (everyone hides in their homes).  The first 5 minutes of the episode got me excited.  Good suspense, and fighting and the the expectation for action is there!

....and then then there's another 30-35 minutes of hiding and talking.

Then Rick and co. decide to cover themselves with bedsheets, covered in zombie.  They used one zombie to do it all with (was that realistically enough?), and the episode ends with them camoflauging themselves and seeing how many dead are in the community.

Ye can almost pin point the moments they took from the comic (which is fine), but they left out SO much action potential!  I wanted to see them cutting up zombies and try to fight back, and slowly losing, so they hide somewhere and it gets over run, then they gotta fight to another house and so on.

I'm sad to say, it was an underwhemling episode.  There were other episodes in this first half of this season which were AWESOME and gave me hope for the rest of this first half.  Even the ending of last week's episode got me excited, 'cause you KNEW the zombies were getting in!

Over hyped and under delivered.

Nina's score (with no need for a bonus point)


Now to wait a couple months to see how they fight through them all.


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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