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This issue was (mostly) a filler issue, hyping up the audience for what's to come (a war against the whisperers).
I'm wondering if the whisperers have any idea what's about to happen to them.  Are they mobilizing a small defense force, ready to take action, should they suspect retaliation from the communities.

While I don't agree with what ALPHA did, killing so many people, I understand why she did it. I feel like she could have communicated her position easier by talking.  But, I guess she needs to be feared.  As if the sight RICK saw on the roof wasn't scary enough.  It almost reminds me of the NO WAY OUT series.  How do they expect to kill 'em all?  Or, do they just weed out ALPHA? They're going to need REALLY good shooters!

Issue 149 intriguerd me.  The cover made it look like RICK was gonna let NEGAN free.  I was actually wondering if he'd let NEGAN go (supervised) to spy on ALPHA.  Then, Negan would get free, go to his sanctuary, find DWIGHT has left, and try to re-take it.  
I'm shocked to learn half of NEGAN's people are still in support of his way of doing things.  But, maybe it's more that people want ORDER and STRUCTURE in their society, no matter how it comes.  It's easier to take orders than give 'em.

But, RICK just wanted advice.  Interesting that he chose NEGAN for that advice.  I'm kinda glad NEGAN has stayed a side character, and has kept much of his personality.  NEGAN seems like the 'evil' side of RICK.  NEGAN and RICK together seem to make a pretty good team.  RICK takes NEGAN's advice, and gets the people on his side.  I like NEGAN's final comment at the end of this issue, "adda boy".

I'm not fully sure what DWIGHT has in mind.  He takes lucielle and dresses himself up like NEGAN.  Is he planning on freeing him?
issue 151 seems suspiciously focused on DWIGHT.

Issue 152 looks like the beginning of a rebellion, 1980's style.
Issue 153 looks like RICK is holding Michonne's sword, looking over someone's blood?

back to the comic.  We have a second instance of RICK biting a guy's neck (like we saw in issue 57) out of self defense.
I understand why those guys jumped rick...but I'm actually glad Rick got 'em in the end.  Those guys (especially the guy Rick bit) are examples of ignorant @#$!.  They can't look past their nose.  They have no idea what's going on.  They're making decisions hastily.  I don't like people like that.

I hope it doesn't take too long for us to get to the actual 'war'. But, all in all, a pretty good issue.

Nina would give this issue a 6.5/10

(oh yah, and I thought it was pretty dumb that Anrdea caught Carl with (what's her face) and didn't intervene.  While I don't mind Carl, I feel like sometimes he thinks he's invincible or 'above' certain rules.  He should be focusing on his black smithing.)

When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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