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The walking dead Season 6 Episode 10


I remember reading somewhere about Michonne and Rick getting together (though somehow I don't fee it suit the show). The opeing scene has Michonne and rick playing house.They seem more like house mates than in a relationship, which I'm ok with. But, I'll talk more about that later.

Daryl is preping for a supply run with Rick.  Denise Cloyd asks him for soda pop for Tara. Tara is apparently a lesbian on the show, and does this mean Denise is too? (most lesbians I know don't look at beautiful as Tara).

I enjoyed Maggies little scene with Enid.  Maggie seems grown up.  I'm beginning to see her leadership blooming.  It almost felt like she was talking to her own daughter.

And back to RIck and Daryl.  When they find that truck with all the food in it.  My first thought was, 'someone drive the car, someone else drive the truck.  Get it back to Alexandria, then go back out with the car'.

Would future events have unfolded the way they have (meeting of Paul, "Jesus" the way they're about to??).

I found Paul/Jesus' introduction highly unlikely.  I remember in the comic, he had a pretty aggressive introduction.  But he was introduced as a pair of binoculars spying on Alexandria.  Then he attacked a couple people and held 'em hostage until Rick came out to talk. He had a mission of possible alliance right out of the gate.  TV show turns him into a backstabbing thief. All the scenes i saw with Paul/Jesus felt unrealistic and MEH! I didn't like 'em.

Jesus steals the truck.  RIck and Daryl run down the road to catch up with him.  It's fortunate the truck popped a tire.  But, anyone who's changed a tire knows, it doesn't take 20-30 minutes to change a tire.  I have a hard time accepting Rick and Daryl would have caught up to him.

THEN, try and figure out the time it would take to go through the forest VS the time to chase him straight down the road.  While they got the element of surprise by going through the forest...I feel like Paul/Jesus took WAY too long to change that tire.

WORST part of this episode (or most cringeworthy) was when the TRUCK rolled into the little pond.  It felt like that scene was forced.

I felt like the fight between those three was so unnecessary.  You hit the breaks, guy falls off the roof.  Rick didn't need to chase Jesus with the truck (on an unpaved road with the weight of the truck, PLUS the weight of the cargo inside).

Once Daryl recognized the truck was going backwards....YE PRESS THE BREAKS!

Whether the truck is in reverse, or neutral (I'm pretty sure it was in neutral).  Breaks engage, you stop.  You and Jesus accept you're mere yards away from drowning and you get the truck to safety. 

WHY didn't Jesus talk about HILL TOP?? That's so frustrating to me. He's going to be a main and probably favored character.

ULTRA SPOILERS; The strongest rumor I've heard recently is NEGAN is gonna kill Daryl.  If that's the case, I wonder if JESUS is gonna be the new 'bad ass' favourite character.  I've got mixed feelings about that.

The scenes with Carl and ENID seemed like episode filler. Did I miss something? I didn't see anything constructive about them.  Technically, the only constructive thing it did was allow Carl to find Deanna and (what was he doing? luring her away from Alexandria? Doesn't he understand the unpredictable walking patterns of zombis? Sure, you could get her away, but she'll wander back eventually. But, Michonne and Spencer see her and Spencer gets his closure.  I also find it entertaining, the show saved a few dollars on their special effects budget by NOT giving Deanna a visible knife death.  Spencer obviously stuck the knife in the back of her head/neck, unlike the forehead like all other zombies get.  But because they didn't actually show the stab...Deanna just had to 'die'.  Good job saving a few dollars on her death AMC.

Looking back on Rick and Daryl.  They're on a farm, with tractors etc. I feel like they could have TRIED to get a chain and pull out the truck. It was totally worth trying.

I found it semi-unrealistic they brought Jesus back with them.  When have they ever taken 'prisoners'? I feel like because we know Jesus is gonna be a main character, they made a quick decision just to get him in the door.  

Hey, you stole our truck, so we'll leave you loosely tied on on the side of the road.  Hey, you got skill, you got out of those bondings and somehow climbed our truck without us seeing or hearing it.  You almost killed us and lost us months of food. Yah, lets tie you up even better and bring you back home.  And how DID they get home? Did rick or Daryl stay with him while the other went all the way back for that car? (I wasn't paying attention to the car...did they get a different car on that farm?).  If they did go back, I feel like that would have taken a good hour or more of walking to get the car and come back.  And why leave him in the back with Daryl?  Why not tie him up really well and put him in the trunk?

Thinking about the farm fight.  There were (3?) zombies tied to a tractor, and the rope breaks.  Who tied them up? Why'd they tie 'em up? The area is far too open to use them as defense.  Unless someone tries to hide behind the tractor, there's a zombie guarding that tractor.

If it were anyone else, they would have tied him up again and left him somewhere (like IN the farm or something).

Finally, the ending scene with Michonne and Rick.

I can admit, the scene flowed kinda well.  It didn't feel awkward or forced.  But...somehow these characters have always felt more like war buddies than anything else.  Rick's wife died. Ricks blonde girlfriend died.  Michonne...i hope you're prepared!

Jesus wakes rick up, and  the episode ends.  Jesus is showing vast resourcefullness.  He escaped imprisonment? How'd he know which house rick was in? Did he climb a couple houses and look through the windows?  Did he break into a couple houses and find Rick?  It was morning too, did no one notice Jesus? You'd think Daryl would have been watching him. Did he over take Daryl? Daryl wouldn't have told Jesus, "Oh yah, Rick is in house 56" (I haven't actually paid attention to what house number Rick has).

overall score for this episode is 6/10.

I feel the NEGAN plot is being rushed. There was too much emphasis on TERMINUS. Our divided group spent a good amount of time in the wilderness trying to get to terminus, and it was a good half season journying with them in the wilderness.  But, Terminus went WAY too fast. I'm guessing they were there for a day or two tops (and I personally don't believe a zipper could be used as a saw to cut wood). I think they should have spent a lil more time in the wilderness after taking care of the cannibals.  Getting to alexandria felt a lil rushed. "Taking over" alexandria felt a lil rushed. Negan's lil group (with  Daryl, abraham and Sasha?) was WAY too early. Did any of them tell rick and CO. about that group? About the name negan? (how many viewers knew about the car in the background in that scene which is being considered either a blooper or an easter egg of the saviors?).

The rest of this season (in my opinion) is gonna be Jesus winning over the rest of the group, introducing HILLTOP and we get introduced to NEGAN at the end of the season (and he possibly kills someone).  I'm also guessing Jesus gets a drive to HILLTOP, rather than walking like they did in the comic.

Stop rushing the plot to NEGAN AMC! Once NEGAN is taken care of (I'm guessing by the end of Season 7?), then are we dealing with the whisperers in season 8? The comic isn't done with them yet.  I know we're talking a couple years from now...but the TV show is catching up to the comic real quick.

6/10 for this episode.

If we have to accept Jesus is being introduced, then that means everyone who knows the story, knows Negan is on the way (which we already knew from Daryl, abraham and Sasha's encounter). It's kinda exciting, because he's a likable villian.  

the NO WAY OUT fight went way too fast. There were way too many 'kill shots' off screen.  I feel like it could have been much better.  Spend a lil extra money AMC and give us a couple good episodes of zombie killing.  Have some zombies get into some houses and show more 'civilians'/extra's/background community members  getting killed.  Then when we think all the zombies are dead, have an episode where the characters are talking about more expansion and fortification, and have a few straggler zombies show up, and another group combing the houses and the rest of alexandria and find more zombies hanging out. Maybe the noise made from the combat (and fallen tower) attracts more, and just as we think they're all dealt with, a few smaller groups show up.

And as I'm thinking of did Deanna escape Alexandria.  I don't think she killed all the zombie intruders which got into her house.  She didn't look extra bitten.  How did she wonder out and not get seen, and not see rick and CO.

Anyway, I've rambled too much.  Here's hoping next episode isn't just a filler episode and brings us something that keeps us at the end of our seats.

I say 6/10 because it WAS entertaining to watch, but there wasn't anything so awesome.


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