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So I put them on Ebay!

10 Issues in total. 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 23, 25, 33, 35 & 40, purely because I have more than one of them and the condition of them isn't great. I've got them from other lots of comics I've bought.

Under normal circumstances I would of just kept them, the more the better for me, but money's low recently (Student, 'nuff said) and I need to pay for the CGC 9.8 Issue 8 I bought. I got it for $55! Quite a steal in my opinion. I also got Issue 5 raw for £22, which would be around $40 I think, again, quite a damn good price.

I'll put pictures up on here somehow soon.


Oh yeah! I have another Walking Dead comic on Ebay:

It's an Arizona Weekly. The reason for selling it is that it was damaged before it reached me. It looks to me like somebody held it without any care, folded a tiny part of the front cover over which then resulted in a tear. It's a tiny tear, but there's two folds leading up to it. It's the THIRD Arizona Weekly that was damaged and they weren't cheap. I've already sold two others and they went for seriously cheap. One went for under £1.




Both auctions only last three days.

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Could somebody tell me how to upload pictures? Everytime I try it just comes up blank :l

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are you trying to post pics from some other site?  or from your own flikr etc account?

i usually just have to paste the url in the box that comes up from the "insert image" tab.  to the left of smilie face icon above^^^


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I try and post from Photobucket, but it never works..

I'll try a different website (:

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you just gotta post the direct link, not the image code or html

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Yeah direct link from Photobucket works. That's what I do.

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