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'Ick' is rarer than pretty much anything in the entire world of The Walking Dead in my opinion. I advise anybody who has the money to get this, it's seriously worth it!

I have all the statues except the Blue Andrew and I really think they're just great. They all get hand painted, so each one's unique in it's own way. And they look fucking awesome!

Recently my Emerald Comicon variant of Andrew got broken, due to mishandling. It's not too much of a loss though, they're quite cheap and constantly on Ebay (for the moment?).

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Carl Grimes
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I have the Ick in the Walking Dead t-shirt ,The Rick one,half zombie and both Andrew statues.

Never really cared for the one in the yellow t shirt much


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The one in the white Walking Dead t-shirt, you mean Nate?

I agree, Ick (Yellow StatueForum T-shirt) isn't the best looking one, although he is exactly the same as Nate, except for the T-shirt.


I think I'll borrow a good camera off of somebody and upload some pictures of them all together.

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