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I have finally finished the collection of Walking Dead Action Figures. Here is a list if you ever need a reference for what is currently out there. I am done with this!!! If there is anymore TWD Action Figures let me know because I will flip but I seriously doubt there are any as of right now :-) I will take better pics and post when I receive them all.

1. AMC Rick Grimes 8+

2. AMC Daryl Dixon 8+

3. AMC Zombie Biter 8+

4. AMC Zombie Walker 8+

5. AMC Rick Grimes 13+

6. AMC Rick Grimes B/W Variant with Blood 13+

7. AMC Daryl Dixon 13+

8. AMC Zombie Biter 13+

9. AMC Zombie Walker 13+

10. Rick Grimes Comic Version with Blue Shirt Brown Pants

11. Rick Grimes NYCC Release Blue Shirt Brown Pants with Blood

12. Rick Grimes Comic Version B/W Variant

13. Michonne Comic Purple Blue Dress and Shirt

14. Zombie Lurker Comic

15. Zombie Roamer Comic

16. Zombie Comic 2-pk Lurker and Roamer Px Exclusive B/W Bloody

17. Rick and Michonne Comic 2-pk Px Exclusive B/W Bloody (To be released in May)

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