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While Telltale games have given up some feedback on EPISODE 1 of the game.  They have also released discussion on EPISODE 2 and EPISODE 3.


NOTE; I've played through episode 1 three times (once as a "good guy" and once as a "bad guy" and then once I knew what was going on exactly, I did it one more time as a "speed run" good guy and recorded it for youtube.  I plan to do this with every episode with each monthly release).  In any event, I haven't see the EPISODE 2 or 3 above...I'm waiting to play and finish each episode before I watch the associated videos.  BUT, for those of you who wanna spoiler...there they are.


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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very interesting

btw here is the link for the vide "rewind" for the episode 2 trailer.. Greg Miller made  some interesting comments related tot eh game and the comic book

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