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Whats up everyone?

Taking  consideration there only 2 days left for issue # 100 and many of us have got distracted by other topics related to zombies but not especific about the comic,   I decided to create this new topic (sorry if anyonegot here thinking there will be spoilers... sorry... no spoilers... by now)

Theres a plenty of things that should be develope during issue 100 and thats why it supposely will have around  46 pages +-

 Theres some things that have to be explained and stories to be close or open so here is my list of things that by now should appear an explanation  at issue 100:

- Who or what is Negan?

- What is Lucille? (by now everyone agreed that  is not a person)

- What is making the zombies change (it was pointed that some zombies looks different now)

- Who is going to survive the attack of the "saviors"

- Will the saviors attack first Alexandria or Ricks van?

- Will Hilltop be destroyed?

- Will Negan group be defeated or they just will lose the battle and ranaway

- Does the Dixon Bros will show up?

- Winter is comming? (that the message at the issue 100 website once you change the date of your computer clock to july 11)

- Is Rick going to make it?

- Theres some people who still believes Lori is alive... i dont think she is but  something makes me thing we will know  who is the crazy  girl  who took the horse

Theres many things to be develope and not so many pages to do it... but long story short Issue 100 will be AWESOME!

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Issue 100 review  (actually comments about it)

dont read it if you dont want to know what is going to happen  (actually what is going to "not happen") at issue 100 ;

No, this is not the review/comment published a few days ago ... this have come out  this afternoon

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no preview this time?


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deffinetly no preview this time


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no previews.. as far as i know  big action scenes will start at page N°3 so it might be big spoilers since the get-go  like issue 98 with Abe's death

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Nicholas Campbell
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"Secret "Lucille" t-shirt (edition of 500)" isn't lucille just a shirt that came with the boxset?

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