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It is a new beginning for THE WALKING DEAD. Rick Grimes is no longer in charge, and nothing will ever be the same again. It's such a perfect jumping on point, it could easily have been a new first issue - but instead, the world's best selling creator-owned comic just keeps moving forward, with #103 and counting!


maybe rick dies  and andrea if left to look after carl unless carl dies or the viewpoint could be changed to carl and he takes the main role.

anyway express opinions about issue 103 here



Andrea all the way

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Given past covers and their relevance to the actual storyline, I doubt Rick dies. More than likely it speaks to the danger Rick and co. are in, with Neagan figuratively (and sometimes literally) holding a bat over their heads.

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Appreciate the post andreasthebest, but we already have a post about this topic. I am going to lock this topic. Please post comments in our previously created topic. Location through this link. Thanks!

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