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hey guys, a few day ago "Carl Grimes" made a very good observation about  the story tell in the Video Game and compared to what was writen at TWD wiki sur the upcoming book "Road to Woodbury"

we got total different stories about the infamous character from Woodbury who took away the life of Lory and Ricks' baby girl ... do the stories collide? is Lile of the Video Game the same Lily of the comic .. and the book? ... well as usual our loved/hated Mr. Robert Kirkman in his last interview with people of Playstation tryed to give some info who will help to calm down to everyone who have been start to  complaint about it (including myself)

Here is an extract of the interview (I marked in bold the most important info):


"PSB: Speaking of the novels, I recently finished The Rise of the Governor. And I understand the next book Road to Woodbury will focus on Lili, an infamous character from the comics. Will there be any tie-in to the game? Is there any chance Lili appear in future episodes of the game, for example?

RK: There will definitely be a character named Lili in the game. Whether or not that ends up being the same character we know and love from the comic and the upcoming novel remains to be seen. But yeah, the new novel comes out in October and I’m excited about it. The novel series, the comic series, and the video game all are intertwined in the same universe. Keeping that continuity straight is something that’s been very important to me, and yeah, we’ll definitely see them continue to connect in a lot of interesting ways moving forward."

Source: Us Playstation Blog

Link of the complete interview (its actually very interesting interview) :

So now... is the Lily of the VG the same Lily who shoot Lory? or is the Lily of the book? or none of them ... I guess Lily is a common name... this makes me remember how people are wondering if the Paul the saviors mention as leader of a saviors group is the same Paul "Jesus" Monroe from Hilltop ...

So lets hope Telltale release the 3rd episode next week and if its going to have a second season they dont mees up with  the story too much.


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Carl Grimes
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It gets more and more confusing


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and isn't her name spelled Lily in the comic? When did he change it to Lili?

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Hey guys..I'd just like to remind you that there's more than one guy named Jack in the world. It could possibly be two different characters.

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