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Long time visitor, first time poster........

I've been a fan of the comic for a long time, and as with other comics I enjoy, my obsessive compulsive disorder means I like to collect the full set.

"Like" is the wrong word; I'm compelled to collect the full set. Its not rational, it's not healthy, but it's just the way it is.

My WD collection is therefore pretty comprehensive. Issue 1 through to 100 fully covered. Second printings for issues 2, 8, 33 and 34 (missing #7 second printing - urgghh). I've got all the variants to date ( yes all the latest 100 variants, including the comixology and retailer incentive). I'm most proud of my WD Escape variant, as I picked it up myself having survived the zombie apoocalyse at Petco Park - and I live in the UK, so that's an 11,000 mile round trip for that comic.  I've even got copies of the #27 and #35 print error editions.  You can see its a problem.

And it's a problem that Skybound are just making worse.  I count that from #94 onwards there have been nearly 30 cover variants !!! 30 comics for 7 issues - who do they think they are ?  Mark Millar !? It's got to stop. I won't be able to stop. So Skybound have to stop. Stop exploiting the feeble minded. One issue, once a month. That's the whole basis of the concept. Get back to basics for a while and give me a rest. it's so bloody stressful..........

I'll try and not post again.

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I miss 2 1/2 years ago when the only variant was the Larsen #50, which I casually picked up off the rack months later during a half-off sale for the fuck of it.  I too started to grab all the variants, because it didn't seem (at the time) that TWD would go hog wild. Once that #94 sketch variant hit, I gave up. I've picked up a few since, for the sole purpose of selling off my collection during season 3.


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