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Just finished watching Resident Evil Retribution.


SPOILER ALERT.  If you haven't seen the movie...this may spoil things.


Movie starts off with a rip off of DAWN OF THE DEAD as our main character ALICE wakes up in a normal house, to a normal morning with her normal family.  Moments later, zombies break out in her house and neighborhood and she starts fighting them off to protect her daughter.  I originally thought this was a "full" background story connecting a few dots of before everything happens..but it turns out it was something else (I'll touch on later). was a really cool beginning.  Really cool!


And goes down hill pretty fast.  We then find ALICE in a facility of some sort.  Long story short, the power goes out conveniently, and she escapes.  She runs into ADA WONG, who looks more like a cosplay character than an actress in a movie.  Somehow the games made her look awesome.  But in the doesn't quite do it for me.  WESKER also suddenly appears on a monitor (thought he blew up in Resident Evil 4 Afterlife, in the helecopter at the end eh?), well apparently, he's a lil more indestructable than he is in the game *cough* resident evil 5.


Wesker and ADA tell ALICE how they plan to get her out of the facility, which isn't entirely a facility. It's actually a "web" of domes under water in the arctic.  Each dome is a re-creation of several major leading nations for the purpose of creating an experiment on how the the T-virus would effect each respective nation.  The experiments were presented to the nations leaders and each nation payed through the nose for the virus (and that's how UMBRELLA got their funding).


The RED QUEEN (the A.I. from the first movie in the HIVE) wants alice to stay in the facility for the testings, but wesker needs her out, and thus sent ADA and a group of guys to get her out.  So, the rescue team fights through each dome (fighting through a small army in the dome) to get to ALICE and escape.  THE RED QUEEN also has her own force to try and stop ALICE and her escape team (this force is the original group from the first resident evil who find ALICE), and funny enough, they're led by SAMUS ARAN


The group fight off SAMUS's force and a bunch of nazi troops who keep following them through the city (and a real large LICKER chases them in a really sexy car).


OH....and you prolly may have noticed I haven't mentioned anything about zombies since the very opening scene.  There's a reason for that which I'll be getting into soon.


SO...weak car chase later (just because you have MICHELLE RODRIGUES in your movie, known well for her FAST AND THE FURIOUS role, doesn't mean you need any kind of car chase in a movie which is supposed to be about zombies), we finally find ourselves at the large elevator (with the umbrella logo).  Much like pretty much every LORD OF THE RINGS game (there's always a RING made of Elvish or Mordor text everywhere), the UMBRELLA logo is EVERYWHERE!  Lil fight scene with a LICKER.  It should be noted, every licker we fight in the video game takes a LOT to take down.  The licker in the car chase didn't go down easily (ALICE even caused a subway tunnel to fall down on it, and even though we're led to believe it's dead, a few scenes later we're back at the rubble, which starts to move, letting us know it's still alive).   The Licker comes back and kills a couple guys and steals the little girl (if I didn't mention it already, while ALICE and ADA were escaping in one of the domes, they come across a standard looking neighborhood, and finds a little girl who's apparently her daughter.  Alice brought the little girl with her the rest of the movie and somehow she survived even though many of the trained professionals fighting along side ALICE died).  The LICKER kidnaps the girl, and Alice goes to get her (Despite objection from her rescue...which I also forgot to mention, LEON KENNEDY is in the rescue group).  WHEN HAS LEON EVER worked with a group?  I thought LEON was a lil more blonde-ish.


A while back, I was following MILLA's VLOG a bit and watching some of her 'amature' behind the scenes and she shows LEON.



Looks fairly blonde.   Then LEON the video game character



Maybe it's just the lighting...but I thought he was pretty "dirty blonde" (not p0rn blonde or anything).



I considered this guy's acting sub-par.  Wasn't quite there.  I also just finished watching Resident Evil Damnation (CG movie) this week, and I thougth LEON looked awesome!



And so did ADA



But the actors they got for Resident Evil Retribution...just didn't quite do it for me.


ANYWAY, back to the rough ending.  So, LICKER steals little girl and ALICE goes to get her back (LEON and crew say it's a bad idea, but she goes anyway).  ALICE uses ADA's version of BATMAN's grapling hook and pulls herself up to the opening where the LICKER went.  She finds it and, in short, jumps over it (summer sault) and shoots it a few times in the brain, and it dies.  I'm thinkin', that dude just survived a car chase, a cave in, and lots of head on bullets...and getting shot a couple times in the brain does it in?  My guess is they knew they were starting to end the movie so they had to have it hurry up OR they just wanted ALICE to look more badass than the other guys (who by the way were being nearly useless most of the movie).  In the CG movie, ADA and LEON kicked serious ass!  WOW were they awesome!  BUT..I suppose you can't over shadow the hero ALICE who has done some pretty amazing stunts over the last 5 or so movies.  That's the beauty of hollywood.


SO, while the timer runs out (there was a remote bomb that was set  at the beginning of the rescue mission, giving them two hours to get alice and get out).  The timer runs out and destroys the whole place, so water is gushing in.  SAMUS, ADA (ADA was captured by SAMUS and her crew), and everyone else.  But, LEON and the other guy (can't remember his name), were on the elevator thing which gets thrust UP in the force of the water.  The elevator stops and for some reason the water stops rising about 90% to the surface.  Right beside them is an opening where ALICE appears with the girl. 


The group gets to a veichle and starts their escape, but is suddenly stopped when things start shaking.  And even though cracks start appearing all over the ice, this heavy veichle somehow doesn't fall through the ice.  They get out and see a SUB (the under water machine, not the sandwich) with UMBRELLA's logo on it.  Moments later, SAMUS appears with ADA and Michelle Rod.  At this point, I'm like,'d they survive the flood/collapse?


AND the worse part isn't over yet (note...STILL no mention of any zombies)  SAMUS has some kind of spider thing on her chest controlling her every move by the red queen, and MICHELLE ROD injects herself with the POLAGA thing and turns into SUPER MICHELLE ROD.


LEON and the other guy are fighting Michelle (and doing a really bad job at it) and ALICE takes on SAMUS.  So, now, ALICE has turned into BLOOD RAYNE using these hatchet knife things combined with arial summer sault spin kick things.  ALICE is getting served and so are the other two.  The whole time, I'm like, 'DUDE...just get the spider device thing off her'.  BUT...convenient that the spider device is so friggin' large and SO could you not get to it?  BUT...alice does eventually get to it just before she's decapitated.  She races over to help LEON, and once again almost dies then wipes away some snow and finds a zombie clawing at the ice from the water below.  ALICE then starts shooting the ICE below MICHELLE ROD. feet and she falls through the ice and the zombies get her.  THAT'S RIGHT!  We have zombies for about 5 to 10 min at the beginning of the movie.  The second appearance I forgot to mention was another short 10 minute scene just before ALICE meets with ADA where she finds herself  in TOKYO and re-creates the opening scene from Resident Evil 4 Afterlife.  She fights off a few zombies then a large heard of zombies from 28 days/weeks later appears (ragers) and chases her into another room, where she meets ADA etc.  The third zombie appearance is about 5 min when Michelle ROD. falls through the ice and is eaten by a bunch of zombies under water.


ALICE and crew are then taken to the WHITE HOUSE very late at night.  You can't see much of the setting, but there appear to be fight lighting around as though the city was on fire.  ALICE meets up with WESKER who's assumed presidency and injects ALICE with som'n and then tells her they're the last of the human race. They go outside to find a MORDOR style barricade around the white house completely surrounded by zombies, LICKERS and some other flying monsters.  They're fighting back.


SO...we know there'll be at least one more to come in the next year or two.


. With the LEAST amount of zombie time of any resident evil movie to date


. Not the greatest actors to play well known LEON and ADA


. Some scenes (many scenes) made you feel like you were in fast and the furious or the matrix or some other movie and not  RESIDENT EVIL.


 It could have been a decent movie.  But somehow just didn't feel like resident evil.  For a resident evil (or zombie)'ll want to watch it or buy it.  If you wanna watch a movie with zombie may enjoy it.  But I think this movie may be a "one time see".  It's a renter or a downloader.  I even downloaded resident evil 1, 2, 3 and 4 again to get a FULL background experience before watching this one.  While at the beginning of RETRIBUTION they catch you up pretty fast, it seems like it's slowly becomming less about zombies and more about action.  But I don't want "just action" with resident evil.  I watch (and play) resident evil for he zombies.  I can play CALL OF DUTY to kill "anyone" or "final fantasy" to go on an adventure.  Resident Evil is my Zombie get away (well...THE WALKING DEAD is too...but ther'e also a heck of a lotta drama with the walking dead).  RESIDENT EVIL...GIMME BACK MY ZOMBIES!  Every other resident evil movie had zombies.  A lot of them, and lots of action with them!  (Thank you for reading my rant)


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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