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(have no idea what happened to the first edition of this...thread is gone.  But I have plans for this to last a few more submissions (once per week).  Som'n screwy happened in the text copy paste program and some of the words don't have the space between do yer best to read it.




Beep, beep, beep screams the alarm.  Another nine to five day.  The sun wasn’t even up yet.  ‘Who gets up this early’ she thinks toherself as she climbs out of bed taking a moment to look back at her sleepinglog husband Sebastian.  There could be anuclear explosion in their back yard and he still wouldn’t wake up.  She has her standard beside side table alarmclock which he gave her as a Christmas gift on their first Christmas as husbandand wife.  Her cellphone is set tovibrate as a light nudge to get her out of dream land to be just awake enoughto reach over and press on its touch screen display to hit the snooze button acouple times before this bed side alarm fires off.  The third alarm was their 20” L.G. LCD televisionmounted on the wall facing them while they sleep.  They usually use it to settle down to go tosleep.  The tv has an auto off featureset for 12 midnight and an auto on feature set for 10 minutes before her cellphonebuzzes.  Why three alarms? She has noidea.  Waking up to cartoon tv shows at5:00 in the morning and rolling over back to sleep for 10 minutes before thecellphone starts buzzing, and hitting that snooze button a couple more timesbefore the final trumpet call of the bedside alarm fires of yelling at her toGET UP!  She doesn’t get to sleep in veryoften.  Once a week pretty much, andtoday wasn’t a sleep in day.  She stillhad a couple days left before her sleep in day. She begins work in a little over an hour.  She gets up with enough time to physicallyand mentally wake up by spending some time on the computer looking up digitalvideo content via movies, cartoons and other such fun entertainment for thelittle tech nerd she considers herself.


Giving herself a long satisfying stretch as her eyes let goof Sebastian, she gets her house coat on and heads to the bathroom, the firstvisible door outside the bedroom.  She‘empties the tank’ and washing her mouth out with a couple sips and spits oftap water in a small red coca cola themed cup, she heads downstairs to the kitchenfollowing a couple of very dim lights plugged into the wall outlets in selectlocations, at the top of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs, and one besidethe light switch.  She turns the kitchenlight on hearing the sounds of the wind blowing outside their old countryhome.  This was the second house theylooked at in their house hunt about 6 months before their wedding a little over5 years ago.  They looked at two apartments.  One standard and one up-scaled loft.  The loft teased their eyes heavily but wouldhave cost nearly as much as a newlyweds first time house theydecided to hold off.  They had a smalltwo bedroom apartment reserved for them if they couldn’t find a house.  But as it turned out, a really good dealpretty much fell right in their laps one day when Sebastian felt like taking ascenic route one day. They were going to visit friends and took a left ratherthan a standard right.  It was a verysmall town they drove past time and time again but never took the time to lookat.  And they were glad they did.  Very quiet and polite community full offamilies with children.  They knew theywanted children one day, and this seemed like a great place to work towardthat.


This house was at the far end of a dirt road.  One of the only locations of its kind.  All the other houses were on the mainroad.  So the fact that this house wasoff the main road and fairly hidden appealed to both of them. It was a prettyold house and came with a lot of pretty old appliances.  But a newlywed couple saw these oldappliances as treasured new appliances. They all worked just fine and that saved them hundreds or thousands ofdollars, and somehow they complimented the house very well.  There was plenty of room for guests and withtheir custom sound system she made, being the nerd she is, they could listen tovery loud music or very loud movies or video games and wouldn’t disturbanyone.  They’ve even risked a coupleback yard parties with loud music and didn’t hear a single complaint from theneighbours.  The wood burning stove wasfun and romantic for the newlyweds. There was a small forest in their backyard which was part of their lot,so they were free to chop down trees for firewood.  They saved lots of money on heating bills aswell as planting a small garden in their large backyard.  The two worked very hard the last 5 years tomaintain their little 3 bedroom house with great plans of renovations to makeit a better house.  The greatestadvantage of the house was that it was private and worked very well for theirneeds.  The only real disadvantage of thehouse was the maintenance.  Seasonal andstandard house maintenance.   But, theymade it work.  They loved their house andstill loved each other very much and were working very well together to beginthe next stage in life.


Getting to the kitchen, she opens the fridge, doublechecking the lunch she had made the night before and then reaching for themilk, she quickly pours herself a bowl of cereal throwing in some small frozenfruit and takes a seat on her large computer chair to scan the internet foranything interesting.  Time fly’s fast,like it always does, and before long she must get ready for work.  Getting her uniform on and packing her lunchup she leaves a yellow sticky note on the TV screen of the bedroom reading;‘have a good day sleepy head.  See youtonight.  I love you!’


She gets into her 'work car' on this warm spring day. Thesun was just starting to rise in the distance making a rainbow of colours inthe sky.  They have the ‘family car’which is a 2004 red mazda sport.  Theyreally liked the car when they saw it. The final decision in buying the car was when the sales representativeanswered yes to her big question; “Will it hold three baby seats?”.


They had this car for the first 4 years of their marriagesharing and taxiing each other around for whatever needs there may havebeen.  Then, in the last year or so, theygot a good tip from a friend on a used car someone was selling for an amazingdeal.  After a couple days of looking atthe car and working out their budget, and figuring out how much it would costto get it 'road worthy' they decided to get it. The car was in excellent condition considering the price.  The car was taken to several mechanic’sgarages for hardware consideration, and each mechanic gave it an A-plus. Theseller was going through rough times and selling it in desperate need forfunds.  It was a deal the young couplecouldn't pass up. 


She pulls out of their dirt driveway leaving the house andtheir 'family car' behind and heads down the longer dirt laneway.  This laneway called Mathers Lane was namedafter the first house built on this long dirt road, which the couple knew as"Mr. Mathers".  He built hishouse at the end of this laneway back in the early 1900's.  A few years later, one of his kids built thesecond house a very short walk from his own, which he later moved out of tomove on to bigger and better things, leaving the house vacant for a number of years,under the ownership of Mr. Mathers.  Mr.Mathers later rented it to someone who didn't take proper care of it and didn'tuse it for its intended purposes.  Mr.Mathers got curious over the years as he began to notice regular human trafficat the house.  Mr. Mather's house restson a slight hill just outside the backyard, some ten yards or so from the youngcouple's attached garage.  At first, theregular traffic of people appearing from time to time staying for minutes orhours didn't trigger any alarms with Mr. Mathers.  This was until the original house ownerdropped by to see his father, Mr. Mathers one beautiful summer day.  Father and son talked about the house for alittle while.  Mr. Mather's ignoranceabout certain habbits of young people made him oblivious about what was trulygoing on in the house.  The tennantsnever missed a rental payment.  Nevermade a peep, sound, complaint.  There wasalways at least two cars in the driveway, which could easily hold as many as 10cars in some kind of tetris pattern up the side of the house, and that doesn'tcount parking along the wide dirt road hugging the side of the over-grown plantlife lining the entire dirt road down to the main paved road.


Mr. Mather's son convinced his father to make a phone callto simply take a peek at the house.  Notexactly a big mistake, but it was a little too much action for the aging andretired Mr. Mathers and his tiny wife. They either weren't at home or didn't notice when the first policecruiser appeared at the home to knock at the front door to ask questions, butthe did notice when two large moving vans appeared and within a couple quickhours the house was completly evacuated. It remained empty for a couple more years until the young couple made aquick phone call and received 'the dime tour' of the house.  It had been cleaned up a fair bit, the policetold Mr. Mathers.  Apparently theprevious renters had been growing a great deal of illegal drugs of all kinds.  The cold and moist 'duneon' basement was aperfect environment for marijuana amung other heavier drugs.  While the previous renters had a good coupleyears of silence, they were apparently fully prepared for an emergencyescape.  There were no holes in the wallsfor pictures, nor any square discolourations where a picture might have beenfor a while then removed from the wall. There was next to no dust in the whole house, considering the house wasin the country.  Very few insects (whichis very common in the country).  Thehouse was just right for the two of them. They made a quick decision and wrote the cheques.  They made a couple reasonable 'under thetable' agreements with Mr. Maders regarding yard maintenance.  He owned a number of very large farm machineswhich could do the work of 'standard' yard equipment in much shorter time.  A large riding lawn mower, as opposed to apush mower the two had.  And a largetractor with a very large snow blower and shovel on either end (with plentyother attachments stored away for various use). They agreed to pay him $50 per month for full yard service.  The only thing they technically had to do wasput their own garbage outside, but that was hardly difficult.


The quick 1 minute drive going approximately 40 km/h.  She turns left as usual and begins the 10minute drive to work.  She passes severalhouses on both sides of the road.  Largevictorian houses which were mostly newer builds, within the last decade ortwo.  Not like her own house which isstarting to approach it's 100 year anniversary. This was just another nine to five shift.  She gets to work at the regular time, andafter locking the car, she heads into the large building.  She passes dozens of cars already parkedowned by the night shift mostly, and others by those on her day shift whichalready got to work earlier than she does. She enters through the main entrance and finds her way through thelabrynth of hallways and doors greeting a few people here and there overhearing something about a car accident near by. It obviously occured on a different road than the one she took.  But then, there were dozens and dozens ofways to get to this building.  She getsto her locker and equiping her work belt, her pen, making sure her make up isjust right (though very minimal) and making sure her hair is tied back in thestandard pony tail she usually has it in. She pops back a small piece of gum and heads to what is called 'thebattery room' to get her scanner, the gun looking device with as many buttonson the top as a standard television remote, and a screen the size of a standardsmart phone, and heads to the main office. She gets her clip board and a print off of her daily check list andafter taking a drink of water from the water fountain, she greets a few of theguys who are early for their shift and begins on the 'boring' part of herjob. 


Her job would be on paper as "InventoryControl".  Or "I.C." asthe house term.  One of her longer andtime consuming jobs was to walk in and out of the long tall isles of warehouseproducts stacked on skids and wrapped in industrial strength plastic wrap,scanning slots to ensure the right product is in the proper slot.  Also to ensure empty slots are supposed to beempty.  There are lots of aspects of herjob she enjoys...this one was the least favourite.  But, she always made it a point to get itdone first so it was out of the way.  Itis quiet, it is lonely and it is slow. So, she takes the first two or so hours to herself as she slowly walksup and down the isles stopping every couple steps to scan a bar code with hergun, confirm information on her screen with the key pad and moves on to thenext one. She has tried to complete it fast in the past, but it ends upcreating minor but annoying errors.  So,she does what she must do and takes her time and do it properly.  She gets to work around 6:40 am or so and bythe time she gets herself ready and begins her shift, it's about 6:50am.  It gives her that 5 to 10 minutes in themorning to catch up with anyone she wants to have a small chit chat with beforethe days runs away on itself.  Todayseemed like every other day.  She triedher best to keep her watch under the sleeve of her thin long sleeve shirt tohelp make the time pass a little faster. She tries to time each page to about 30 minutes as she scans, confirms,and checkmarks the little box on the sheet matching the product ID.  She runs into a couple guys from time to timeshe catches up with.  Movies, videogames, music, the odd joke and she moves on. Today was an especially quiet day. She hadn't run into anyone in the first three hours which was prettyrare.  She didn't hear any machinesdriving anywhere which was even more rare. By the time she had completed nearly six sheets, knowing she was donewith the boring job for a while, she finds herself near the opening of one ofthe longer isles. 


Entering the clear and open area she notices no machines,forklifts or 'Cats' are operating at all. No one is loading the trucks, no one is walking around, no janitors canbe seen cleaning up the odd pieces of debris. She stands still momentarily to focus on her hearing and still, shehears nothing.  Getting even morecurious, she heads toward the one place there is always someone.  The office! She was pretty much done her inventorysweep and first break was creeping up quick. Walking from one end of the warehouse to the other side would easilytake 10 minutes.  Maybe 5 minutes if yousped walked.  She finds her way to thewalkway of the loading dock.  She sees adozen or so abandoned sit down fork lift's, which wasn't entirely uncommon tosee.  Something had indeed caughteveryone's attention and it started to attract her curiosity.  Had someone gotten into an accident ordropped a huge amount of product that had everyone gathered?  She slowly began walking faster down the walkway and notices one loading door open. An open loading door was technically a "no no" unless asupervisor is present, and she saw no supervisor.  Transport trucks are to back in and once theyare backed in, the weight of the truck presses against a large plate on thedock door which triggers a red light to turn green on the inside of the dock,inside the building, which signals to the loader driving the fork lift to openthe door and begin loading it.  The dockdoors are supposed to be electronically locked unless the transport trucktriggers the plate.  Perhaps this waswhere everyone had gone.  She began toseriously consider there may be an accident. But why no loud commotion?


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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The closer she got, the more of a mystery there was.  She looks over her shoulder and listens intentlyand looks back to the open door, and still, no one to be seen or heard.  She gets to the open door, seeing noone.  That is until she begins to hearwhat sounds like a gurgling cough.  Hereyes sway back and forth across the open area. Lots of transport trucks parked. None moving.  Then she hears itagain, a louder grunt and cough.  Takingan extra step closer to the door's opening, she finally sees the source of thesound.  There was ED Winker.  An elderly man who has been working heresince the beginning.  A very respectedand hard working man who everyone knows here. He was lying on his back, his body covered in blood while he himself waslying in a pool of his own blood. Crouched over him was another unidentifyable person in what looked likea blue and black plad shirt with black pants. No one she recognized but a possible truck driver.  She lets out a loud gasp and yells out,"HOLD ON!" as she begins to crouch down to lower herself to theground to help.  The sound of her voicetriggers something in this mystery man who looks up at her with a loud growl,Ed's intestines hanging from its mouth. At one sight of this she loses her grip, her one foot which was bracingto slide off the edge now pushes her back and slips landing on her butt.  Everything in her hands falls on thefloor.  Two dirty hands appear and grabher foot pulling her down while the dirty mouth of this crazed bloody maniacbites down on her steel toed work boots. She pulls back with her two hands and other foot in a quick match of tugof war and slides free.  She gets severalfeet away from the door's opening when the bloodied face barely appears overthe bottom lip of the open door growling and biting out at her, its arms wavingfrantically trying to climb up but with nothing to grab hold of.  Staring to grab her thoughts for a moment shesees a man appear from behind a truck walking toward the open door.  She screams out for him to run away until shenotices he seems to be walking as though his feet weigh twice as much as therest of his body.  Like he's strugglingto keep his balance.  Was he drunk?  His face and hands and most of his clotheswere covered in blood.  It takes in a fewseconds to get to the doors opening as a third appears crawling from underanother truck.  She gets to her feet fastand begins a fast sprint to the office door. As the door comes in view, she sees Frank, one of the supervisors.  He has the magnetic door to the back officesopen slightly.  He looks back and forthuntil he finally sees her running at full speed.  He waves her down calling for her to hurryup.  Was something chasing her?  Or was her services in need?  She didn't want to bother looking behind heras about half way between her and Frank, another man appears from behind acouple large stacks of boxed product. She slows quickly in her footsteps to a stand still.  Frank suddenly drops his look of urgency fora look of loss as he stares at her, while she stares at the flimsy man who isnow walking slowly toward her.  DespiteFranks calls for her to run, she stares at this man, his head seems to belimping down near his right shoulder. The opposite side of his face is pressed in as though it were smashed bysomething.  By all rights its neck shouldhave been broken...but it keeps walking.


It walks closer and closer to her, struggling to walk as itseems very excited to see her.  Shedoesn't recognize him at all and doesn't understand why he's approachingher.  He gets within arms reach notresponding to her look of fear or any of her threats to leave her alone.


"This is you LAST WARNING!" She cries out taking acouple steps back.  The man takes yetanother leaning swipe at her.  She takesa gentle breath as time seems to slow a little. She holds her arm up, blocking the on coming swing and using the otherhand, tight with a strong fist to punch the man directly in the sternum as anattempt to wind the man and warn him to back off.  Though to her surprise, it has no effect onhim.  Like hitting a punching bag.  All it does it knock him back a step from thepressure.


"I'm a red belt in Tae Kuan Do, I'm not afraid to hurtyou if you don't back of NOW!" She commands.  He takes another step toward her.  She considers all the warnings she's givenhim, and tired of the conflict and confusion, she twists to her side slightlyand kicks his knee cap very hard.  Shehears a loud snap like the breaking of a thick bunch of tried pasta, his feetsweep underneath him and the man falls, banging his head off the side of alarge metal safety rail.  Its headintents and cracks and he falls limp hitting the floor as blood from his headslowly oozes out onto the floor.  Frank,looking wide eyed.  He can't beleive whathe's just seen, waves her to the door. She finally reaches the door as something catches Frank's eyes frombehind.  She turns just as she's in thedoorway, and sees the two men have now found a way to climb up from the loadingdoor and are slowly heading toward them. Frank gently but assertively pushes her into the hallway while shuttingthe door.  It shuts with a loud CLANK asthe magnetic lock takes over.  He triesto open it a couple times with no avail.


"They wont be able to get through without a magnetickey", Frank says holding up his security key.  He walks past her asking her to followhim.  "Are you ok?" He asks,she responds with a nod which he doesn't see with her back to her.  The two pass a few doors; an windowlessoffice, the nurses office, male and female bathroom, another door leading to astaircase to the second floor and finally the back office.  Frank opens the door and invites her in andcloses the door behind them.


"Nina," Frank says walking past her, "Have aseat...we're dealing with something right now."


Nina, resting against the door, looks into cluttered room,at first glance sees about six people and someone on the table.  She closes her eyes and takes a deepbreath.  Opening her eyes again shefinally does a head count.  She sees twooffice people, Debora and Kyle, both sitting on plastic chairs.  Ted and Paul, who are higher ranked supervisorsare frantic trying to get someone on the phone. Kelly stands beside the table holding the hand of Joanna who lies on thetable breathing heavy with a cloth wrapped around her arm soaked with blood.


"Some maniac bit Joanna's arm.  I hit him over the head with a broken pieceof wood but he got right up and came after me,"  Kelly says then nodding over to Kyle,"Kyle happened to be right there and the two of us pulled Joanna backhere".

"How long ago?" Nina asks.

"Just after shift started," Kelly answers.  Nina calculates in her head she would havebeen just started working at that point and wouldn't have heard any of it.

"Where is everyone else?" Nina asks.  Kelly shrugs as Joanna goes from heavybreathing to sudden silence and a very slow exhail as her body goes limp.  Kelly stares at her calling her name out acouple times as Debora and Kyle turn their attention to the now dead Joannalying on the table.



When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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Nina lets out an exhausted sigh leaningagainst the door as whimpers from Kelly begin to break the silence in theroom.  Debora and Kyle both look up tothe sobbing young blonde in her torn jeans and dirty baggy sweat shirtpartially covered by her neon orange reflector safety vest.

“Kelly...” Debora says rising to her feetand walking around the table to comfort her.

“What the fuck is going on around here!”Kelly screams. Ted and Paul turn their attention to Kelly who’s cries are pasta simple whimper but a full out wail. Paul, the highest ranking supervisor on the shift gets to his feet.  He walks slowly to Kelly wearing his standardblack work pants and black golf shirt. He also rests a hand on Kelly to comfort her as the two ladies hug.  Nina hears Kyle offer her the now vacantseat.  She looks over to him, his longhair tied up in a pony tail stretching just past his shoulders.  His mouth curled up in a polite smilestretching his brown mustache.  Typicaldirt on his face and hands, from moving dirty boxes on the shipping dock.  She slowly shakes her head looking backthrough the window her head was resting on. She sees nothing down either end of the dark hallway.

“Nina,” She hears Paul’s voice call out toher.  She turns to meet his eyes.  “What happened out there?”

Nina tells her quick five minutestory.  Paul goes wide eyed anddisappears back into his office followed by a series of foul words.  Nina’s curiosity gets the best of her as shewalks past Kyle, who’s still looking up at her and watches her pass.  She enters the office, which is normallyinvitation only.  The only people whoever get the chance to step into this office is if you have a very importantissue to resolve.  Be it an accident, aproblem with another co-worker, or want to talk serious business of somesort.  All other items of interest gothrough the immediate supervisors.  Ted,who’s still trying to get someone on the phone, was one of thosesupervisors.  While it felt rebelliousand illegal to walk through this door she’s only ever peered through and seenpeople chatting in, she soon finds her way standing an arm’s reach behindPaul.  He leans against a ledge staringout the large window.  The window isabout six or so feet from ground level. Which means none of those things would be able to bang this windowbroken and get in.  Besides that, thereis nothing of interest near the window which they can see.  Taking a stronger look, Nina looks beyondPaul and out to the parking lot filled with transport trucks for the most partand a few of these weird people.  Theywalk as though their feet weigh too much or as though they were carrying toomuch.  Either way, it was very obviousthat something was wrong with them. Besides the fact that they want to bite you when they get close to you.

“What are they?” Paul says out loud.  Not to anyone in particular.  Maybe just talking to himself.

“Paul,” Ted calls out.  Paul walks in haste to Ted, nearly knockinginto Nina.  In a strange reflex Ninahasn’t felt in a while, she finds herself quickly backing up before Paul getsclose enough.  Within seconds, a flood ofmemories playback in her head of the years she spent in self-defensecourses.  She first tried the evertraditional Karate which didn’t work out. She tried it for the “one month free”, but felt the instructor waseither too pushy or something else.  Shecouldn’t put her finger on it but he seemed to be on an addenda of somesort.  As though he were trying torecruit too many people at once and trying to make them into master ninjaswithin that time and expecting them to absolutely sign up afterwards.  That didn’t float well with her and shedidn’t even make it to her last free week. The instructor called her cell phone multiple times a day demanding anexplanation.  She finally went in personto explain the classes weren’t what she was looking for, even though she wasslightly enjoying them.  But the pace wasway too fast and she also didn’t like how aggressive and angry the instructoralways seemed.  Despite multiple offershe gave her on the spot.  Discounts,“give new memberships, get one month free”, and other such offers which sheagreed were quite generous...she was still uneasy about it all.

It was telling this story to a friend whenshe was recommended to another self-defense class called TAE KWON DO.  She had never heard of it before, but aftergoing with a friend for a couple classes to watch on the side benches, she wasalmost sold after the first class.  Shewas able to negotiate a free month with a refer a friend promotion and afterthat free month she signed 6 cheques and handed them over.  The classes were about half the size of thekarate class.  The pace was much morecomfortable. You progressed as you passed tests.  She was so motivated and tried very hard thatshe found herself climbing the belts one by one.  She went to a couple tournaments.  The first one she had to pay for, and she didso well, her instructor offered to pay her next one.  While the challenges and fights were prettyfun.  She won, she lost, (won more thanshe lost), but she had a LOT of fun!

But life catches up on you and soon otherpriorities begin to surface and despite some generous offer, she had to declinefuture tournaments, though she maintained her weekly classes.  She managed to get up to a RED BELT, secondedonly to the glorious black belt.  She progressedwell and really enjoyed it.  But soon,life became too busy and she found herself disappointing people who invited herto parties or other such events.  Shecouldn’t be in multiple places at once and it broke her heart to have to say“no, I’m sorry, I can’t...I have something going on that night”.  She was involved in a homeless shelter, TaeKwon Do, volunteered at a troubled youth center.  She was involved in multiple Church eventsthrough the week; yard work, painting, cleaning, organising events,volunteering at an elderly home down the street with the youth group of theChurch.  She really enjoyed being busy,busy, busy, until she began to notice the number of times she was asked to goout with friends and she had to say no.

“But can’t you do that another night?”They’d ask.  And after more and more“No..”, she finally snapped into reality to recognize some things may have togo. They weren’t easy decisions, but one by one over time one volunteeroperation after another slowly slipped away. From a weekly event, to a bi-weekly, then once a month then every othermonth.  She started finding time to catchup with friends and found many of them had boyfriends and girlfriends.  She herself had more than one offer. She hadgone on dates, even in the busiest times of her life.  But she wasn’t interested in much more than afriend.  That wasn’t as satisfying to thedate.  She gave up some pretty goodopportunities and looking back sometimes she wonders if and how it could havebeen different.  And that’s how she metSebastian.

Her heart stops.  Sebastian! He had a day off today, but did he know what was going on?  She immediately reached in the lower pocketof her orange safety vest and pulls out her phone.  No texts, no messages, no missed calls. Shepresses CONTACTS and scrolls down to his name and presses the CALL button.  It rings for 30 seconds and the voicemailstarts up.

“Sebastian...are you there?  Are you safe? Do you know what’s going on? There is some seriously weird stuff goingon outside.  Please prepare some safetystuff for the basement room.  Somethingtells me we’re going to need it.  Call meback as soon as you can.  I loveyou!”  She hangs up.

Somehow in her moment of daze, whilere-living some of her past in seconds, she now hears Ted’s voice in the otheroffice.

“Sounds like there are more and morereports of this all over.  There were afew calls this morning.  Car crashes andmore.  Then talk about some crazy peopleattacking other people.  They couldn’ttalk long.  Their lines are packed.  Took me half an hour just to get someone, andshe didn’t even help me much.  Then theline was disconnected.  Dunno if she didit or if I did it or what...”

Suddenly all attention is disrupted aslight moans and groans are heard in the main room.  Kelly, who is frantically crying on Debora’sshoulder wipes her eyes as she slowly turns to look at Joanna.  Her chest is slowly lifting up and down,though her body remains motionless. Kelly, releasing herself from Debora steps over to the table.  All eyes are on the table.

“Jo? Joanna?” Kelly nearly whispers. She leans in, resting her hands against Joanna’s arm.  Joanna’s eyes open to a milky white, herpupils barely visible.  Kelly begins tocall out to Joanna in an excited whimper. She starts to giggle and soundrelieved and leans in farther for a generous hug.  There are mixed faces among the room.  Ted, Paul, Kyle and Debora ...partiallyuneasy and slightly relieved.  Kyle pipesup,

“Uhh..Kelly,” He says slowly getting to hisfeet about to say something else when Kelly suddenly lets out an ear piercingscream.  Her whole body tightens up.  Blood begins to free flow from Kelly’s necklike water escaping from an eve’s drop. Everyone in the room takes multiple steps back, some banging into thingson the wall.  The noise catches Joanna’sattention and she lets go of Kelly who’s gargling screams turn some stomach’s,besides the view of her bleeding from a half exposed neck.  The on-lookers don’t know whether to help heror run.  Run past the table with thebloodied Joanna now in a sit up position. Joanna is the first to dart toward the door and in her panic, misses thegrowing puddle of blood, slips and falls hard on the floor and screams in painfrom the impact.  She begins to crawlwhile whimpering and crying toward the door. Joanna finds Kyle first and without warning, the 200 pound 60 year oldwoman leaps off the table, pushing the table closer to the door and lunges atKyle with the power of an Olympic wrestle. Kyle has no time to respond, and freezes in the commotion.  Joanna bites hard into Kyle’s cheek, hescreams in pain and his body goes limp. His screams die immediately as the force of the large woman knocks himdown, smashing his head off the counter and flops to the floor.  More blood spills onto the floor as Joannabegins biting hard, pulling mouthfuls of flesh from Kyle’s upper torso.

Ted and Paul scream in horror and run intoTed’s office, joining Frank,  screamingfor Nina to follow.  Nina stands in adaze staring at the horrific scene before her. She doesn’t hear the door as it shuts hard, which distracts Joanna yetagain and she looks up to see Nina, standing in the middle of the doorway ofPaul’s large office.  Joanna growls loudsprings to her feet and though she is only a few wide steps away from Nina, shecharges at her like a wild animal.  Ninasomehow comes out of her daze to see the over sized Joanna, covered in blood,her blubbery body bouncing like jelly. Nina’s Tae Kwon Do trained mind comes back to her in an instant, despitethe number of years it’s been since she’s had to use it.  Like taking a long break from riding abicycle, it’s a skill you never really lose, but just get a little rusty atuntil you get back on it, Nina’s first reaction is to use both of her fists tothrust hard into the woman’s chest but at the last second she realizes thatwould be like punching a horse right now and wouldn’t do much good right now,if anything.  On a measure of desperateaction, she retaliates with lightning fast reflexes and windmill’s her armswide, blocking the fat woman’s out stretched arms reaching toward her.  Nina swipes her arms fast and simultaneouslyside steps out of Joanna’s tracks. Joanna runs right past Nina and knocks into Paul’s large desk with aloud bang, crash and grinding of the desk sliding on the ground the momentumstopping as it hits against the wall. Joanna screams loud, turns to face Nina again and a little slower thistime begins to hobble toward her.  Ninacan’t see Ted and paul looking at her through the window of Ted’s office, butthey do see Kelly sit up slowly.  She’spale and pasty looking and seems to head straight for Debora who is coweringunder the table.

Nina makes a quick decision realizing thesethings don’t behave in the same way humans do. They can not be reasoned with nor can they be communicated with.  She has two options.  TRY and subdue this very large woman, or dothe other less favourable option. Kill her. As Joanna gets within kicking distance, Nina tenses her foot slightlyand with a quick flick of her knee aimed at Joanna’s knee, like a bow reachingback and releasing, Nina kicks the side of Joanna’s knee.  And with a grotesque crack and poping sound,Joanna folds over herself and lands hard on the ground as Debora begins toscream.  Nina turns to see Kelly rippingDebora’s stomache apart with her hands and mouth.  Nina acts quickly recognizing thepattern.  Joanna seemed to change intoone of these things within minutes of her death.  And while Kyle still lies still, Kelly alsoturned within minutes.  That meant Kylewould come back any second.  She turns toTed and Paul through the window who are obviously not willing to participate atfighting back.  She motions for them tolock the door.  She quickly runs to thelarge rectangular table, her ancle suddenly grabbed by Kyle who looks at herwith milky white eyes.  She yanks freeeasily enough and grabs a metal knife from the counter and turning back to Kyleas he tries to get to his feet groaning lightly.  Nina kicks him quickly on the side of hisface knocking him to the floor with a hard thud.  She points the knife blade straight to hishead as though it were a sniper rifle. She reaches back behind her head and exhailing gently, she throws theknife which spins a full 360 and sticks directly into Kyle’s eye socket andsinks deep into his head.  His body fallslimp. 

Joanna growls as she begins to crawl veryslowly out of Paul’s office.  Nina turnsto Kelly and Debora, Kelly still feeding on hands and knees.  Nina walks quietly up to her and using herfoot, pressing down on Kelly, pinning her on the ground, and with a quick snap,kicks her other foot against the back of Kelly’s neck, at the base of theskull.  Kelly is motionless.  Counting down the minutes and seconds, Ninadrags the heavy table as best she can, tips it over, landing on the origin ofthis carnage, on Joanna’s head.  Joanna’smovements slow, but still struggle.  Tedopens the door and using a baseball bat in his office, he pulls the table fromover Joanna and brings it down a couple times on her head until her body stopsmoving.

“We gotta get out of here,” Tedconcludes.  Nina looks back to Deborajust as Ted runs over smashing her head multiple times until it becomes nearlyunrecognizable.

The four head out into the hallway to seesome of the monsters who were chasing Nina clawing at the door Frank openedup.  They turn the other way heading tothe door leading upstairs.

Opening this door, they get to the secondfloor where a large metal, windowless door stands shut, while the stairs keepclimbing to the third and final floor. Frank approaches the door despite objection from Ted and Paul.  Nina already on the first couple stepsheading up.

Frank puts his ear to the door and after amoment he shrugs as though he hears nothing. On the other side of that door were the offices.  The ground floor was the warehouse, thesecond floor was the offices and the third floor was the cafeteria and lockerrooms.

“It’s a heavy duty industrial metaldoor…it’s meant to block out sound!” Ted points out as Frank presses hismagnetic pass on the black box hanging on the wall.  Ted screams, “NO!” and begins to back away asthough he knows something no one else knows. Sure enough, Frank is knocked back as the door flies open from theweight of dozens and dozens of mangled office workers covered in blood andmissing chunks of their bodies flood out of the door way into the stairwell.



When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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Frank is swallowed by the flood of dead pople pouring out ofthe doorway.  It takes less than a fewseconds before they are over flowing on the landing and continue to pourout.  Paul, who hadn’t quite made it tothe landing yet turns to run back down the stairs, but is very quickly burriedin the bodies as they avalanche down the stairs.  They begin to pile up and climb up stairs asTed and Nina being to race up the stairs, nearly escaping.  They push hard with their legs and pull hardwith their arms on every step, grabbing the arm rails, using every ounce ofstrenth they have.  They finally make itto the top of the stairs.  The thirdfloor, cafeteria.  The little black boxon the side of the wall, inches from the door handle has a little red light onit.  The LOCKED light.  Ted hurries in his pockets for the magnetickey but is unable to find it, as the dead people have now made it to thelanding just a dozen or so stairs behind them. Their growls and screams and grunts echo in the stairwell like an audienceat an obnoxiously loud rock concert.  Thesound is numbing to the ears.  Ted beingsto panic and punch at the door, trying to kick the door knob.  The window on the top part of the door has ametal mesh in it.  It would be impossibleto break it and get through it before this mob behind them got to them.  Ninapresses her hands in a couple pockets until she finally feels the flat plasticcard in one of her tummy pockets in her vest. She presses her body against the wall, the magnetic energy transfersthrough her vest to the black plate with a gentle beep.  The light turns green, and Nina grabs thedoor handle and pulls the door open slightly as Ted pushes her out of the way,she hits the wall with a thud.  Ted getsthe door open, and runs through.  For amoment, Nina is sandwiched between the door and the wall, the dead peoplenearly up the stairs at this point.  Shetakes a gentle breath.  Despiteeverything her brain is trying to tell her…this is no time to panic. 


The door is heavy, and if it shuts close again, it’llrequire the key again to open it.  Shedidn’t have time for that.  Holding thedoor handle tight, she swings around the door quickly, grabbing the other sideof the door handle with her free hand, using the momentum of the twist as leverageas she kicks the closest dead phycho path dead in the chest which knocks itback.  But with the momentum of the otherdead climbing the stairs, they merely push him right back up.  She manages to slidethrough the door openingjust as the multitude of dead beging to push against it.  And though she herself is on the other sideof the door, her hand still holds the door knob, she is knocked to the groundby the incredible force of the door shutting under the pressure of the bodiespressing on hard.  The door shuts loudand while she stares at the window, while it gets darker and darker, withdirty, partially bitten faces growling and biting at her through the glass, shebacks up slowly staring.


A moment later, she gets to her feet as she begins walkingto the large cafeteria when she begins to hear a gentle cracking sound.  Looking to the door, the window on the doorbegins to crack slowly.  She realizes shedoesn’t have much time.   The room shestands in is a small dark room with a couple vending machines and an elevatorwhich goes to the other two lower floors. A little farther on is the large cafeteria, which seems quiet.  And she wonders where Ted went.  She hastely but cautiously walks to theopening to find about six dead people walking toward something she can’t quietsee.  They haven’t noticed her.  Straight down the side of the room she is onis a door leading to the locker room. The locker room where she would take a different door to sneakpast.  That must be where…


She pauses a moment and hears Ted’s voice coughing andgaging.  She finds a mop and leans itagainst the wall on a 45 degree angle. She kicks the lower part of the mop, breaking off the mop head. It doesn’tattract the monsters.  Taking this longpointed make-shift spear.  She slowlyheads toward the accumulating group huddled over what she can only figure isfrank.  She gets behind one that hasn’tgotten to the group yet and with a quick thrust, she stabs him through the baseof its skull.  It falls instantly slidingoff the spear.  The next closest  is too far away.  It has just reached the group and beginseating the body on the floor.  Ted’svoice has stopped making noise.


On her count, there are seven fighting for a piece.  She slowly approaches nearly ready to takeanother out, when the sounds of her cell phone blasts off.  Her heart skips a beat as the seven turn tomake eye contact.  She swings hard at thefirst, the closest skull to her.  Theimpact of the stick crushes its skull. She swings the other end of the make shift staff across the face ofanother.  It whips back losing its balaceand falls over.  The first to make it toits feet gets stabbed through the eye, falling on two behind it.


“Gotta be quick,” she thinks to herself as she Golf clubswings another who got to their feet in the knee.  Its knee snaps like a twig and it falls tothe ground causing another to stumble. She quickly runs to the first fallen and thrusts the spear in itsskull.  That’s five left.  Four, just getting to its feet, she swingshard to the back of its neck at the base of its skull.  Its head twiches back with whiplash and aloud snap as it falls to the floor. Three lying on the ground struggling to get up.  One by one she crushes their skulls with themop shaft.  And with the final thrust,she downs the dead man with the broken knee. 


She breathes heavy for a moment making sure nothing ismoving.  Coming back into reality, shebegins to hear the muffled but loud dead down the hallway behind her.  She reaches to her phone which has stoppedringing at this point.  She trots gentlyto the large windows covering the far wall over looking the parking lot.  A few cars have ran into other objects, othercars and more dead bodies than she thought she would see.  Lots of more of these wobbly creatures.  Blood plots and trails in random places.


Pulling her phone from the vest pocket, she sees Sebastianhas tried to call her twice and there are two voicemails.  Without checking the voicemails, she callshim back immedaitely.  The phone rings acouple times before he picks up.


“Nina?!” His paniced voice calls out on the other end


“Are you safe?” She answers.


“Am I safe?” Sebastian counters.  “Are YOU safe?”


“Yes.  I don’t knowwhat’s going on, but there are a lot of crazy people eating each other.  I don’t understand.” Nina responds.


“The news is all over it. It’s very chaotic out there,” Sebastian continues.  Nina begins to hear more and more crackingfrom the door in the hallway.


“Sebastian, go into the basement.  Fill up the room with a week’s worth ofsupplies.  More if you can.  I’m on my way home right now!”  Nina begins to calculate how long it may taketo get to her car, then to get home. Chances are if this parking lot is this bad, that means the roads may beeven worse.  She has had to walk homemore than once.  It sucked every singletime.  She can do it in about an hour, astraight walk.  Chances are things woulddelay that.  “Gimme two hours tops.” Shesays as he begins to say something which gets lost somewhere in her ear as anover powering crash whips her around. The growling gets louder as the dead pour into the cafeteria.


“Two  hours!” She sayshanging up and puting the phone back in its pocket, sprinting at full force forthe door leading to the exit.  Burstingthrough the exit door, she finds herself in a long hallway she’s only been in acouple times.   One side of the wallcovered in company stuff stapled to a very large board spanning the entirehallway.  The other side of the wall, along cascade of windows providing strong natural light.  At the far end of the hallway is a doorleading to a stairwell, which would take her directly outside to the parkinglot.  Just before getting to that door,are two other doors, leading to the locker rooms.  Which was her first ‘private’ escape.  But between her and these doors are two morecreatures.  They notice her and starthobbling toward her.  She runs at thefirst in a slight zig zag and with a baseball swing, she smacks it in the head,knocking it over.  She continues to runand swings at the second, its arms reaching out to her.  She snaps its wrists and makes it staggerfrom the force of the hit.  She kicks itsknee hard, sending it to the ground.  Shesprints at near top speed coming to the door. She presses hard opening it and to her shock, finds the stairwellcompletely empty.  The growls behind herhave passed through the cafeteria into the long hallway.  She races down the stairs, floor by floorhearing the echo’s of her footsteps banging on the stairs as she slowly gets tothe door at the bottom.  She peersthrough the window at the carnage.  Noeasy way to her car.  She begins towonder if she will even make it to the car. 


The burst at the top of the stairs alarms her.  They’re coming!


Opening the door, she takes a few steps out scanning thearea for anything threatening, when when something catches her eye.  A lone sit down fork lift.  Its operator missing, but it’s still turnedon.  No one near it, she darts forit.  Taking a seat, she puts it into gearby pushing the primary level forward and pressing hard on the gas pedal.  The machine revs up and punches forward.  Nina swirves past obstacles and the dead,hitting a couple in the ancle with the forks knocking them to the ground.  The closer she gets to the main parking lot,past the loading zone she more dead she sees. She raises up the forks about 4 feet high and speeds on.  The noise of the machine also attracts lotsof attention.  She speeds up catching acouple on the forks like shish kabob. Then another, and then another. The safety screen attached to the mast of the fork lift providessufficient safety from the reaching hands…but heavily disrupts her view.  She sways a little to look past and betweenthe dead growling for her as she continues to avoid as many obstacles aspossible.  She sees her car in thedistance.  One of a few carsuntouched.  Other cars are partiallydriven and crashed into other cars or poles. 


She now wonders how she is going to get out of the forklift.  The moment she removed her foot,the machine will activate the break and slow to a quick stop.  With but moments to think, she pulls the makeshift spear from behind the seat and wedges it between the gas petal and theroof of the fork lift.  She slowlycalculates when she needs to jump.  Atthe speed she is going, she needs to get a good landing or she will seriouslyhurt herself.  Watching her car come upcloser and closer, she finally jumps for it. She lands on her feet, but the momentum keeps her going and she fallsquickly.  She hugs herself and rolls afew times and eventually stops.  Shetakes a moment and gets to her feet.  Very few dead are in this far part of theparking lot.  But that’s starting tochange thanks to the new commotion she made. Looking down the parking lot, she has caught the attention of theseveral dozen walking dead as they hobble toward her.  Her left leg is stinging.  Clutching the leg, she feels her keys.  She must have landed on them.


She pulls her keys out and takes a gentle breath.  It’ll be a couple minutes before thesecreatures get to her.  She has time, shethinks to herself.  She unlocks the doorand quickly gets in, locking herself in. She turns the car on and puts it into gear just as the first dead manmakes contact with the car.  Pressingfirmly on the gas pedal, the car begins moving and pulls out of the spot.  She avoids obstacles yet again trying toswirve out of the way of cars, the dead and other obstructions.


She must drive past the front door to get out of the parkinglot.  While driving past, she sees theflood of dead which were chasing her have already made their way out and arecovering the parking lot.  She manages toget out onto the  main road, which isalso surprisingly empty.  Takingadvantage of it, she hits the radio and heads home.


About half way home, she finds herself at the newintersection and she stops the car immediately, and well before getting to theintersection.  The intersection iscompletely smothered with cars and a chaotic scene of more dead…dozens of themattacking a road littered with people in all directions.


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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CHAPTER 4 – The Fight To Get Home


The car hums gently, the brake pedal pressed in hard.  If she stayed too long they would definitelysee her.  She scan’s the area quickly andnotices the construction on the left side of the road.  There is far less traffic down there.  Living and dead.


She puts the car in drive and slowly drives over the grass.  There is no curb on this road.  Much like a high way, it turns from road torubble to grass.  She drives softly tomix amung the other cars.  Mostly likelyowned by the construction crew.  With thecar parked and no visible threat, she turns the car off and takes a moment tosee anything she needs.  She looks forher lunch then realizes she left it in the cafeteria back at thewarehouse.  Rolling her eyes at herselfshe quietly gets out of the car and presses the lock button from the insidedoor and gently shuts the door.  The keysslide out of her fingers and into her front left pant pocket, and she begins totread slowly.  First thing’s first, shemust find a weapon.  Based on herexperience with these things she understands there is no talking.  They seem to want to kill and eat, and that’sit.


The passes by many large machines.  They’re unoccupied and many of them areturned on.  No traces of blood.  In fact, she stands for a moment and suddenlyfeels normal.  If it weren’t for thescreams carried by the wind on the other side of the construction site, shewould only feel out of place for being in a construction site without propersafety gear.  She has her steel toedboots…but giggles at the thought of missing the yellow hard hat.  Passing one machine after another, thescreams getting louder, she is taken back when a loud growl followed by a loudbang startles her.  A dead man in hisconstruction uniform is locked inside one of the machines.  He punshes and bites at the glass holding himin as he frantically tries to attack. She takes a few steps back when the large machine begins to driveforward.  It was a large tractor with alarge arm and scoop.  The man inside musthave pressed something or pushed something. The machine was picking up speed and starts making louder noises as itscratches against other machines beside it. The sound is horrible like metal scraping and pulling and oddly enoughseems to drown out the screams.  At leastin the immediate area.  As the largetractor leaves its spot, it leaves a large open gap.  Some of the dead, and the living have beencrushed by the machine, their remains now spead out on the ground androad.  The dead now look into the vacantspot to see Nina slowly backing up.  Thefive or so dead begin hobbling toward her. One oddly enough b egins a light run and falls after a few strides butcontinues by crawling slowly getting to its feet.


Nina doesn’t waste time. It happened so fast, but she is now at a full out sprint running at aclearing behind all the machines.  Shelooks ahead maping out the area in her mind knowing how to follow the road toget home.  The road has houses alongit.  But it would take about five minutesto get to each house.  One could stand onthe front porch and see the house next door, down a ways.  There is nothing between each house exceptfield.  Lots and lots of field.  The field is interrupted by a forest.  But the trees are so far back they almostlook grey in the distance.  The oddfarming machine, tractors, trucks, hay, sprayers can be seen here and there.


If she walked uninterrupted, she would be home in aboutthirty minutes.  But she can’t walk.  She’s being chased by a small group ofmurderous cannibalistic monsters who were once human but are now somethingelse.


Out of the construction site, up a slight hill, she is faroff of the traffic jam.  She can seepeople like little black dots in the distance moving around like cockroaches crawlingin a tight area.  How long will theylast?  How many are there?  How many will escape?  What will they become?


The field’s have turned into large brush mixed withtrees.  The bushes are getting thickerand much harder to crawl through.   Browsingeach house she walks past, walking just outside their back yard, some seemclean and some have been effected by this strange phenomenon with their windowsbroken and blood in places where blood shouldn’t be.  Nearing one such cleaner looking house now ashorter walk from home she finds a small hatchet.  A wood cutting axe.  It rests on a large flat tree stump, bladestuck in the wood.  A small pile of woodstacked close by.  She grabs the hatchetand waves it lightly, like a drum stick testing its weight.  Nodding approvingly she holds it to her sideand begins walking again and suddenly hears a loud scream through the bushes.


First turning her head and seeing nothing, she then darts inthe direction of the scream like an olympic runner shooting for a goldmetal.  Jumping over logs and blastingthrough small tree branches and bushes, she hears the screams getting louderand more frequent and a faint sound of words. Quickly enough, Nina comes to a small clearing where she lays her eyeson a horrific scene.  Two dead, one manand one woman reach up a small tree at a screeming female teenager while threeothers are huddled together around someone else.


Nina begins to calculate. Take out the first two at the tree, but she will have to run past thesmall group which are distracted by what they’re doing on the ground.  But these three will be much easier to takeout, but this girl is in a panic and may do something stupid.  Against her better judgement she interruptsher sprint toward the attackers and screams out, “HEY!” waving her arms.  She finds a baseball sized rock and throws itat one of the dead hunched over hitting it in the back.  The impact does nothing to it but gets itsattention.  Then with more screams, soonall five look to her as the girl begins screaming for help.  Nina’s eyebrows cringe together at the ‘captainobvious’ plea for help.  Of course she’sgoing to help.  That’s why she got theirattention.  The girl keeps screaming atthe creatures.  One of them, the woman,goes back to the tree.  Nina keepsscreaming loudly to get their attention and tells the girl to shut up which sheeither didn’t hear or she’s too much in a panic to obey.  The first three have nearly made it to their livingmeal as nina gives a wide swing to the first and lands it where the shouldermeets the neck.  The blade was muchsharper than expected and carves down through half the chest gettingstuck.  The Body falls quick and hard,taking the hatchet with it.  Nina stepsback and gives the handle a quick kick knocking it out and making it bouncepast the next two dead creatures. Both men in their mid 40’s covered inblood.  “Think hard, think fast Nina,”She mumbles to herselef as she takes a gentle, yet deep inhail, holding it fora moment then releasing it with a loud whail thrusting her foot against the hipbone of the closest.  It does minimal,but the force knocks it back a few steps and nearly makes it fall over.  Landing her foot to the ground, her backfacing the other she maintains her spinning momentum bringing her other leghigh in the air snapping dead on against its jaw which snaps like a twig andhangs off the skull.  It takes a couplesteps back. 


Nina reaches and grabs its arm and using her body weightperforms a tomonage, pulling it onto her as she falls back, thrusting her knee againstits pelvic bone, flipping it over her and onto its back.  Her feet in the air, she kip’s up, pushing herself in the air using her hands and arms, landing on her feet.  She’s starting to realize more and more thesethings don’t go down like regular people do. She finds a fallen tree branch near by and breaks off a piece of itabout the size of a drum stick.  Sheslowly approaches the dead man who is trying to get to its feet and presseshard with her foot against its chest and drills the stick through its eyesocket.  A strange black substance ozzesout smelling worse than a sewer.  Shereturns to the other and after multiple kicks to the chest and head it finallytopples over and falls to the ground. Nina quickly retrieves the hatchet and brings it down hard landing it inits open mouth separating its jaw and lower skull from the top of its skull.


The dead woman is still trying to get to the girl while thedead male is almost at Nina.  Sheapproaches him slowly and gives him a quick spin kick to the left ear.  The impact knocks him on his side then herolls a little on the tiny hill.  Aimingfor the neck, Nina brings the hatchet down hard severing it completely.  Blood squirts out hard spraying in alldirections smelling of filth as the blood pressure slows it turns from a sprayto a drool and drains from the body down the tiny slope.  The skull still snapping at her.  In her discust, shekicks it, soccer ballstyle, though her steel toed shoe merely crushes the skull on impact like acheap vaas.  And while the skullcatapults away, it explodes in mid air flying in multiple pieces landing inmultiple more.


Nina screams for the attention of the woman who eventuallyturns to look at her and her bloody mess. The girl is clean of the dead filth and the dead woman observes Ninawith intrigue trying to identify food or familiarity.  Nina turns the hatchet and gives a strongswing smashing the blunt end into the skull of the woman.  The impact sandwiches her head between thehatchet and the tree.  It falls apartbreaking in multiple fragments as her body falls to the ground.


The young girl who is no longer screaming but ratherbreathing very heavily with a terrified look on her face makes eye contact withNina.  There is silence for a momentuntil Nina finally calls out;


“What’s your name?”


“J-Jassi,” She answers with a nervous stutter.  Nina seems confused.  Apparently Jessie was too main stream of aname for her parents,  so they decided tothrow life a curve ball with a twist on a standard name.


“Do you live around here?” Nina asks.


“No,” Jassi replies.  “Iwas here visiting my b-boyfriend,” She looks to the mangled body on the ground.


“I’m sorry.  Butlisten, we don’t have much time.  Thesethings move slow, but they MOVE and they collect very fast.  I live just down the road, come with me and I’llkeep you safe,”  Nina helps her down as afew growls are heard in the distance accompanied with sounds of snapping twigsand russling bushes.


“We have to go!” Nina says darting away from thesounds.  Jassi following quicklybehind.  The two come to a small clearingwith a small house on a small hill.


“This is where I live,” Nina says.  There are eerily no dead walking about.  The two sneak to the front door, Nina usingher key to unlock it.  She lets Jassi inand closes it behind them.  She calls outSebastian’s name a couple times and some thumping from the basement up a set ofstairs followed by an open door reveals Sebastian.  The two hug and peck on the lips quickly asthey exchange their stories.


Sebastian was getting his breakfast ready watching a movieon TV when it cut out to an emergency news show.  They were reporting on a riot in several nearbylarge cities.  There were warnings tostay in your homes and keep safe.  Hetried to call Nina’s cell phone a number of times and got voicemail.


Sebastian continues his story and is interrupted by Jassiwho’s looking out the living room window. The three stare out and see what looks to be a small handful of dead inthe back yard heading toward the house. In the distance, there are several dozen in a farmer’s field also headingstraight for the house.


“Did you prepare the basement?” Nina says


“Yah, got a week or two’s worth of supplies down there,” Sebastiansays.  Nina realizes they didn’t havetime to inventory check.  She tells themto go down as she runs to the front door and opens it a crack.  If they were coming in, they were coming in.  She didn’t want them to break the doordown.  It would be a useless doorthen.  At least if they open it, they canwalk around and eventually leave.  Theywould be safe!  She moves hastilybeginning to hear their growls.  Wheredid they come from?  How did they gethere so fast?  They came from theopposite direction that Nina and Jassi came from.  Nina opens the basement door, leaving it openjust a crack and at the bottom of the stairs, turns and heads through a smalldoor leading to a small storage room and a washer and dryer.  Both have been unplugged.  Both Nina and Sebastian learned a while backthat even if appliances and electrical devices are plugged into the wallsockets and turned off, they’re still drawing electricity, even if extremelylittle.  It looked as though Sebastian unpluggedpretty much everything in the house and even turned the circuit breakeroff.  If any power surge blasted throughthe lines, there is a terrific chance their house would be unaffected orminimally effected.  She smiles withpride at her husbands’ efforts.  Besidethe washer and dryer is a little cubby with shelving on it, a basement pantry.The house is an old house.  And thebasement was meant to be cool or even cold. It was the perfect temperature to preserve food.  In the winter it could be used as a freezerin some parts.  During the summer, itcould be used as a very reliable cooler. That helped save money on freezers and refrigerator operations.  They learned they could keep more than threetimes the amount of food that a normal family could eat, and they could keepmost of it in the basement where it’s cold enough.  Sebastian was smart enough to put the glasscontainers and glass jars in the storage under the stairs.  The door to that storage was very wellhidden.  It was designed to look like awall, but easily pushes and slides.  Theyinstalled it themselves.  Everything elsewas in metal containers.

The two of them aren’t “tree huggers”, but they are healthand energy conscious.  They have foundeasy ways over the years to buy smart, eat smart and store food smart.  They have enough food to last themselvesmonths, easily.

The now empty shelving beside the washer and dryer isn’tactually shelving at all.  It was builtto look like shelving, and it lives up to its appearance.  But the actual purpose of the cubby, whichthey discovered after they moved in and got settled, was a hidden entrance to ahidden room just slightly larger than a typical master bathroom.

They put a futon mattress on the floor and had plenty ofcandles and other necessities in the room. There was a strange hole in the center of the room which somehow joins withthe piping of the chimney.  Someone waseither burning something in this room, or needed a very unique ventilation andused the smoke from the wood fireplace to hide the smell.  It confused them very much, but they didn’tfeel the need to investigate it.  Theywere able to burn a couple candles to get enough light and the minor smoke itmade wouldn’t be caught on the ceiling, but rather escape through the tiny golfball hole.  It also helped with oxygen alittle.  The room was small, and a littlestuffy.  But it was safe.  It’s very protected and hidden.

From light growls to loud footsteps, the three of them couldhear as one by one the uncountable dead were filling the house with some loudbangs to be heard and loud crashes.  Itsounded like the house was going to cave in on itself at times it was soloud.  The growls could be heard from allover, even just outside the hidden door which got knocked against a coupletimes.  There must have been so many deadthey were crashing into each other and into items in the house.  The three kept extremely quiet, waiting patiently as the dead flooded the house.


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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Glad this found its way back to the boards! Very enjoyable! Keep it up


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CHAPTER 5: What’s next?


Nina wakes up in the very dimly lit room.  She is alone. Panicked for a moment, like waking from a bad dream to find yourself inyour own basement, she finds herself surrounded by all the items she remembersseeing when she got in the room; Lots and lots of food and water and otheremergency supplies.  The room is quitewarm, but she is indeed alone.  That isuntil the sound of a loud grunt, which sounds very much like Sebastian isheard, muffled, through the ceiling followed by a loud THUD.


Getting to her feet, she creeps slowly out the door to seeher basement, though very unfinished, in a heap of a mess.  Random body parts thrown here and there.  Most of the body parts are internal.  It all looks like a few human bodies explodedfrom the inside and splattered in all directions.  The smell is putrid and makes her gag and dryheave.  She covers her mouth and nosewith her sleeve then runs back into the room for a basic face mask.  She puts on two of them and begins to headdeeper into the basement.  She scans ittwice and finds nothing threatening, then hears another grunt, a light thud,then a louder thud of something heavy landing on the floor upstairs.


She climbs the stairs knocking on the wall in mores code;S.O.S. – S.O.S. – S.O.S. progressively louder so whomever is up there, thoughshe guesses Sebastian, knows she’s coming. She keeps herself on guard and enters the kitchen from the top of thestairs.  Two more bodies lie on top ofeach other, their blood trailing up the wall and across the floor.  In the next room, very loud, Sebastian’svoice lets out another grunt and a cracking sound is heard, followed by yetanother thud.  Growls can now be heardupstairs as loud foot steps are heard thumping toward the house’s main staircase.  Something could hear this noiseand was coming down.  Nina takes a couplelight and quick steps to the room with all the noise and she sees Sebastianusing a Machete to chop into a dead woman’s skull.  He has covered himself and the room withblood and other unidentifiable specs of human parts.


He breathes heavily as he slowly stands to his feet.  They make eye contact and she smiles withpride at this gentle man she married.  Inthe decade she’s known him, she has never seen a hostile action, a harsh word,a loss of temper.  He has always been avery gentle, kind and sweet man with a sarcastic sense of humor to matching herown.  The two feed off each otherheavily; Fighting for the remote, teasing each other, jugging jobs in thekitchen.  Preparing meals often turnedinto small playful food fights and intimate moments.  And here he is bashing in the face of thedead.  She didn’t know he had it in him.


Her smile of approval reassures him of his actions.  Their eye contact is interrupted by the slowthumping of more dead making their way downstairs.  The thumping is too irregular to identify acount.  Sebastian’s eyes dart up to theceiling as though trying to see through the walls to the top of the stairswhere the sound is coming from.  And in aquick fluid motion, Sebastian throws the machete to Nina, underhand.  Nina watches it spin slowly in the air andtimes her reach as the handle nears her. She reaches out her hand and catches its handle and turning to thestairs begins to see the feet first, then the legs, and the torso, and finallythe rest of them.  Only two, but thereare definitely more up stairs, but she has to start with these two.  She waits until they are down the stairs sothey can’t reach for her and fall on her. Once on level ground she gives a quick slice across the closest one’smouth which is wide open.  The machete,sharp as a razor, cuts the upper head right off.  It falls to the floor hard.  The second one, a little too close behindgets a quick and hard side kick to the chest. It stumbles back and hits the front door which Nina now realizes isclosed.  Sebastian must have closedit.  Not a big deal right now.


 She takes a couplewide steps forward, walking over the body before her and stabs the creature inthe skull.  The blade slides through themonster and cuts into the front door a couple inches.  Its body weight pulls it off the bladeslowly, its decayed brain matter spills out onto the floor with a smell ofterribly spoiled food. 


More solid thuds can be heard in almost metronomic fashionupstairs.  She hastily, but cautiouslyheads upstairs.  The After a dozen steps,she comes to a small landing with a left turn. She sees nothing but a wall at the top of the stairs.  Continuing up, mud and debris on the carpet,she finds herself at the top of the stairs. On her immediate left of the short hallway is their master bedroom.  Beside that is a spare bedroom which Nina hasbeen using as a game room.  The computer,large tv and gaming systems all sit in the corner.  They’re out of her view with the door beingshut.  To her right are two more doors;One leading to a bathroom, the other leading to a third and smaller bedroom,which the couple turned into a library.  Oneof Sebastian’s many passions is reading. While Nina can sit in front of a TV with a controller in hand and playvideo games for literally hours on end. Sebastian can sit in his expensive lazy boy leather recliningchair. 


All the doors were closed. The thumping sounds were louder at her right.  She then heads to the thumping sounds to findthe bathroom door wide open.  Variousstain colours are smeared along the wall. Some small cracks and holes have appeared in the wall in places wherecracks and holes weren’t before.  Justhow many dead creatures were stuffed within this tiny space?  She wonders.


She gets close enough to the door opening and gently peeksin using as minimal exposed body as possible. A dead teenager, lying in the bathtub struggling to get out, his handsand legs are waving frantically.  Shetakes the machete and swings it like a baseball bat against his head slicingopen.  Back into the hallway two moredead appear.  Confused, it was empty a momentago, she backs up into the bathroom.  Aloud growl gets her attention as she bumps into a dead man.  She turns to see three dead in the bathroom.  She tries to scream for help, but nothingcomes out.  With a quick reaction toavoid their arms reaching out to her, she leaps out the window, landing androlling on the angled garage roof.  Shemanages to stop herself and get to her feet. In the ground all around her is a sea of the dead.  More and more dead begin pouring out of thewindow as they start closing in on her. She has nowhere to go, nowhere to run. Again, she bumps into something. She turns and sees Sebastian, most of his face chewed off, and coveredin blood.  He lunges in toward her andsinks his teeth into her neck.  Shescreams in pain and pushes him off.  Nowbleeding uncontrollably, she tries to find an opening in the sea of the dead,and finds none, as another grabs her, and another, and anther.  She is covered in dead as they bite andravage her body.  The pain and agony anddarkness stops as she hears the voice of Sebastian trying to calm her down.


She struggles to fight him off, and getting to her feet shefinds herself backed up into the corner screaming and readying into a fightstance ready for any oncoming attack. Before her, in a very dimly lit room is Sebastian, covered in blood, thepalms of his hand pointed to her trying to calm her down.  Jassi nowhere to be seen. 


“What happened?” Nina whispers loudly, her last memory washiding out in this room while the dead ravaged her house.


“I can tell you…or I can show you,” Sebastian says knowingshe would rather see it. 


Sebastian takes her hand and pulls her out into the openbasement explaining the dead destroyed their house.  She had been out for just over a day.  The dead slowly moved out of the house afterabout twelve hours.  They waited anothertwelve hours before checking things.  Therewere a few of those things walking through the house still, but Sebastian wasable to take them out with a baseball bat in the basement.  Nina’s eyes water and over flow, the tearsflowing down her face as they walk through the house.  The doors have all been destroyed off thehinges, all forms of organization from pictures, to shelving and furniture havebeen destroyed.  There are smears ofblood and body parts all over, some recognizable and some not.  Sebastian explains he pulled the bodiesoutside and threw them behind the wood pile.


The couple have a wood pile cleanly stacked for use in theirwood burning stove to heat the house in the winter.  Odd dead bodies lie sporadically throughoutthe distance.  One of the only untoucheditems is a clock in the kitchen, just above arms reach.  Arms reach for Nina anyway.  Her five foot five inch height limits herstretch.  Sebastian’s Six foot height canreach the clock with a stretch on his tippy toes.  The clock displays ten minutes after two.  The thick clouds outside hide the sun.


Nina falls to her knees at their front porch.  Sebastian crouches down beside her.


“What’s happening?” She says,


“The radio said to stay in your homes and stay out ofsight.  There was supposed to be somekind of instruction to come, but the message keeps repeating.  Then the batteries died.  Jassi took off, I have no idea when, she justleft.” Sebastian responds.


The two linger on the front porch feeling defeat and lossand confusion.  Nina takes in a deepbreath and after another moment of silence, she pipes up


“So…what’s next?”



When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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what next indeed! Got to love the romance juxtaposed with the grusome act of smashing in someones skull. Ah love.


Great work!


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CHAPTER 6 - A Good Start

Sebastian and Nina walk silently back into the house. Looking at the mess made by the dead, it almost resembles the after math of a college party that got out of hand, minus the unidentifiable matter sprayed about. Nina finds one of the wooden dining room chairs, a set of 5 given to them as a gift from Sebastian's parents. The two have always found themselves closer to Sebastian's side of the family. Once a dating couple become engaged and start closing in on the wedding date, they soon come to understand difficult decisions must be made on how to divide themselves amongst family.


Nina's start in life was fairly below the bar compared to a standard family in areas of finance, togetherness and support. Most holiday's and special family events were spent together for the most part, as some sort of superstitious tradition. The rest of the year was pretty much independent. Very little socializing or accountability. Sebastian's family on the other hand have been much more warm and open. Nina had moved out on her own at a very young age, not by her own choice, but by circumstances beyond her control. Being on her own with very little bills to pay and a pretty good job earned her a lot of free time and flexibility to enjoy life. Life was pretty carefree and busy at the same time. It wasn't until she was in her early 20's that a friend of hers, named Amy, invited her to a family barbecue. It was one of those 'invite the neighborhood and all your friends' kind of party. She didn't want to go at first, but saw it as an opportunity to catch up with Amy, since she hadn't seen her since the good ol' high school days. Amy's brother Paul also brought a friend; Sebastian. Nina found herself playing with the young kids. Sebastian also found himself becoming a play toy to the children. They climbed on him and knocked him down and tickled him and had a good fun time with him. Nina chased the children and got chased by the children, leaving the parents to mingle amongst themselves, watching these two strangers have fun with their children.


When the food was ready, Nina and Sebastian, had made some new little friends, and they all wanted to sit together on the little playschool picnic table. Nina took a small stool, but Sebastian played it up and looked like a big kid himself trying to sit on the little picnic table, making the other kids laugh at how big he was sitting at such a small table. And as the hours went on, and the energy level of the children slowly expired, family by family, the house slowly emptied. Nina and Sebastian found themselves lying on the large trampoline in the back yard that summer night, looking at the very clear night sky. Somehow the hours between dinner time and mid night zoomed in a span of minutes. They impressed each other with their personal stories of hobbies and life. They both shared similar interests for the most part, and intrigued each other with how well they seemed to click. It was when summer turned to fall that Sebastian had asked Nina on their first date. The two had seen each other at random parties through the many months. They would meet up, chat and become pretty good friends. Nina's mind was on other things and was taken back a little bit when he asked her to a movie. They had gone to lots of movies with mutual friends. Even sat beside each other many times and shared pop corn and drink. Their other friends, singles and couples, watched as the flower between them bloomed.


While traditionally, most people meet, date, and get intimate and become a sexual relationship, these two found stronger appreciation in each other, rather than societal expectations. They set out the challenge early on; no kissing, no touching, only get together in a group setting, and see what comes of it. Both of them have seen too many couples get together and break up after months or even a couple years. Sometimes children become involved, and that's no fun for anyone. Nina and Sebastian challenged the status quo of traditional relationships. If they could maintain a strong friendship for several months, then...and only then, they would consider taking it to the next level. And that next level was Sebastian asking Nina for a quiet walk in the park one late summer night. The weather was still pretty warm with a refreshing cool breeze. They walked beside each other, making it a point to bring a loaf of bread to feed the ducks. They found a park bench to chat, then found a small playground where they each took a swing and gently sway back and forth. It was at that point Sebastian asked if she felt it was time to become a couple. Her reply was quirky as usual, "A couple of what?". And while her relationship with her immediate family wasn't very close or strong, they had met Sebastian a few times. Sebastian had invited Nina to several family events ranging from Church to actual holiday's. His family had taken to her like a daughter. His older brother Blane and Sister Lena had shown her the ought most respect and curtsey. They were all just about the same age, within a few years. They all shared many of the same hobbies and humor.


The couple agreed to talk it over with his parents, the idea suggested by Sebastian. And it was the following weekend, late Sunday, after Church and after the day was pretty much over. Sebastian had whispered to his father he wanted to talk to him and mom about something important. And while the sun was down for the night and the four of them sit in the living room, Sebastian gave a little speech about where the two felt their relationship going and asked their parents blessing to be considered a dating couple. Traditional and modern couples agree together and start dating together and slowly let friends and family know as they go. Sebastian comes from a slightly more traditional family. Modern in all ways considered, but with a strong respect and admiration for the family unit. Most families, like Nina's family, don't hold sacred to very much. They don't share in much and don't do much together. Nina had been welcomed into a new family. Something she had to get used to. Celebrating birthday's again, with gifts, friends, presents, and fun. She hadn't celebrated a birthday since her mid teenage years. Sebastian and his family brought to life something Nina hadn't experienced in a very long time. A sense of family, a sense of care, a sense of meaning, a sense of love. It was this family that taught her not all families need to repeat their past. Nina had been scared that she would end up becoming like her parents. The dead beat couple who taught her all the things not to do. Determined to change things, she spent time making sure she would make the right decision.


The two dated and courted for about four years. Making certain to keep their hormones in check. Most couples vent their hormones and let their hormones control them. And when those couples break's a bad break up. Nina and Sebastian were determined to keep the focus of their relationship something else. Something stronger than the two of them. Should a standard couple, married or none married, take away all physical contact...what do they have left? Most couples wouldn't last. These two were determined not to become a statistic.


But statistics might not matter now. Something was happening beyond understanding. Like a bad dream you can't wake up from. Like a cataclysm of Biblical proportions. An unexplainable phenomenon. Something they weren't prepared for and didn't know how to proceed.


The two sit in a lengthy silence with only their hard to capture thoughts to them.


"Did you try to turn the power back on?" Nina asks.


"More than try...I actually used it for a few hours. It seemed to fully shut off about two or so hours before you woke up. I cleaned up what I could of the bodies in the house, then tried the radio. I boiled a few eggs and tried to cook some meat real quick. Only made it through about half of what we have. We can probably make a fire somewhere if we're careful," Sebastian says.


"We need to think heavily about security," Nina says. "I had to leave the car at the big intersection down there where the construction is. Nothing important is in there. I locked the car doors anyway Not sure if there is much of a need to get the car right now."


"the 'family car' is in the garage. I made sure the alarm was off. Don't need that thing firing off attracting unwanted attention". Sebastian adds.


"What about the phones?" Nina asks. Cell phones were probably going to be unreliable. But land lines draw their power directly from phone lines. Wireless phones are dependent on electricity. So, while they each have a cell phone, and a wireless phone with 4 docking stations through the house, they also have a land line in the kitchen.


"I tried calling as many people as I could think. It's just voice mails," Sebastian says as a ring suddenly echo's through the house. Both their heads dart toward the kitchen, Nina's reflexes tuned much stronger than Sebastian is first to her feet as she lightly skips to the phone. She picks it up answering; "Hello?". Sebastian's father, Charles, is on the other line.


"Nina? Thank God. Are you two safe?" Charles asks. Nina simultaneously puts the receiver on the counter while pressing the speaker button so Sebastian can hear.


"We're as safe as we can be considering what's going on. What IS going on?" Nina asks as Sebastian finally enters the kitchen.


"We don't know. It's happening all over the place," Charles and his wife Julia are one of those conscious people. They eat very healthy, they keep active, they even go as far as using solar power and have a fair sized wind turbine in their back yard. There are others like them who are very obsessed with being prepared for an emergency. Charles and Julia aren't obsessed as other people are, but they are cautious and ready for something to happen. Whatever that something might be. They would have electricity and food and shelter and safety. "The TV went off the air hours ago Our phone line cut out for a couple hours, but then it just came back on. Where are you two?"


"We're at home," Sebastian answers. "A huge bunch of those things pretty much destroyed our house. Looks worse than a frat party in here,"


"Smells about the same though," Nina adds.


"Listen you two. We're heading for the family cottage," Charles offers. The family cottage. This is a fortress if there was ever to be a fortress. Charles was fortunate enough to be born in a family where the parents were very smart workaholics. Charles parents are very smart business people. They have always owned at least one business and invested in several others. As a couple, they made enormous amounts of money. But, they were also smart about what to do with it. While they have always been a family strong in the Christian faith, they never looked at their money as an excuse to be lazy or qualify themselves as deserving of luxury. They live a very humble life. As a matter of fact, you could meet them on the street, at a mall or anywhere else, and they look just like everyone else. Their house was a very modest house. Not very big, but could easily host a family party. They used a greater portion of their earned money toward mission work in their community and around the world. They have helped build Churches, schools, libraries. Helped restore parks, playgrounds and get homeless shelters and soup kitchens on their feet. They were the kind of power couple which influenced Charles and Julia to be the amazing parents Nina saw in them. The kind of parents she didn't have. The kind of parent she wanted to be. Charles' parents had purchased land far up North in Canada to build a large cottage for the family to enjoy when the grand children started appearing. What they didn't realize was the land they bought used to be an old saloon a couple hundred years ago. Back when society settled things with guns rather than words. Digging into the ground was exciting the day when a few odd artifacts were found buried and uncovered. Items like silverware and locks and buckles. Even very old and very valuable coins. Charles and his whole family would take turns through the summer traveling up to the cottage for a week or two's stay. They had a fully private area with a large yard and a private beach. It was almost too good to be true when Nina saw it for the first time. The ultimate get away. Plenty of room for the family. Completely self sufficient. Then the decision came to expand the cottage, under ground. It took a lot of extra funds which was easy for Charles' parents. But they made a large extra space under ground, hidden from regular view. It was the place the family could go if they needed to be safe. That is where they needed to go.


"The cottage?" Sebastian pipes up. It made absolute sense. Why didn't he think about it himself? He makes eye contact with Nina who has a strong look of relief.


"'s not like it's just down the street. It's going to take a day or two to drive down there. And that's even IF the roads are clear. Which they probably aren't. Have you talked to anyone else yet?" Nina asks Charles.


"Yes. You're the last two I've been able to call. I made sure my favourite kids got up there first before I called you two," Charles says with the same sense of humor as his son Sebastian.


"Ok then," Sebastian says. "The cottage it is. It probably wont be easy getting up there. It's a good start. Be careful!"


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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Now the adventure begins! On the road with dead! Love this story

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