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Vitor Delgado
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Hi guys !

Check this out, my Walking Dead Intro made with my own footage and edited and composed in photoshop and after effects. Filmed in Portugal.

Vitor Delgado

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That's pretty cool

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totally thought you meant you re-created the intro using existing footage from the show.  THIS video is (what appears to be) you recorded stuff from around a farm and used similar effects as the show.  Very interesting.  I looked up the camera you used this;



looks like it's about $700+


that's a pretty decent camera, and it's 3D compatible.  May I ask what video editing program you used?  I'm using SONY VEGAS PRO 11 right now.


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Vitor Delgado
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Thanks Siekone and Nina, Im glad you liked :)

Nina, all the footage was recorded by me with that camera in many different places. I bought that camera 2 years ago on ebay for about 490 EUR (630 USD) and your´re right its a pretty decent camera for a reasonable price ( I cannot afford a professional or even a semi-professional one :(

I used Adobe After Effects CS5 to edit and compose and photoshop (for 2 characters scenes).

If you have any other question feel free to ask, I will answer with pleasure.

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