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Rick insists he talks to Merele himself even though Daryl says he wants to accompany Rick.  No wonder Rick is so stressed out and tired...he keeps doing everything himself.  Geeze least go with someone to see they negotiate properly.


When Rick and Merele are talking about giving Michonne to The Governor...I think they tried too hard to make Merele seem 'evil'.  It almost seemed too forced.


And it looks like MAGGIE and CARL are finally making noise to get the attention of the walkers to the fence.  Why didn't they do that immediately after the Governor's attack?  It worked last time to get control of the prison.


I liked how Michonne was walking around casually slicing zombies here and there.  I also like how Michonne is getting a little more social.  She doesn't have to be a chatter box...but she's talking more.


Carol gets a lil self-realisation; she finally indirectly admits it was her late husband who was holding her back from being emotionally stronger.  Glad she understands and is willing to come clean about the emotional abuse she was in.


I find it funny that Merele is calling Daryl out and saying he doesn't have balls 'cause Daryl is following Rick's orders.  Yet, when Merele was with the Governor...he was a little pussy cat, following the Gorernor's orders afraid of him.


And Herchel is reading the King James version of the Bible. (for those who don't know, the King James version of the Bible uses a lot of "thou" and "Thy" and "Thee" etc.  Newer versions of the Bible use modern language).


Rick starts to get second thoughts about handing over Michonne to the Governor.  Michonne and Merele start going through the prison and taking out a few walkers...and surprise surprise...Michonne gets knocked out by Merele.  Thought she would have been smarter than that.


Merele and Michonne are walking down a road, Merele walks ahead a lil.  Michonne could have put her arms around Merele's neck and started choaking him.  ...but she didn't.


Merele and Michonne stop off at a small motel (walking dead video game Episode 1+2 reference?)


Michonne had so many opportunities to take Merele out...why didn't she?  Merele tries to steal a car, sets off the alarm (good one Merele), and a bunch of zombies appear.  Michonne being the awesome kicker she is starts taking them out.  Looks like there's at least a dozen.  ...and they get away.


Glenn goes ring hunting...and finds a ring on a zombie.  How romantic Glenn.


And after a long car ride....Michonne finally gets to Merele!  She finally irritates him.  Merele lets Michonne out of the car on the side of the road, and Merele apparently heads back to Woodbury.  It's going to be a long walk back for Michonne.


Michonne meets up with Daryl.  Daryl goes back for Merele apparently.  And now we have a bunch of zombies attacking the car Merele is in.  This guy has balls (not necessarily a good thing).  I think he's collecting zombies to bring to woodbury...nope...he's collecting zombies to bring to Rick and Philip's meeting.  He jumps out of the car and lets the music play (wasting gas).  Merele gonna try and kill Rick or the governor.  And the bullets fly when Martinez gets there.  Merele starts taking out all the governor's men...(didn't actually see that coming).


WOW...lots and lots of zombies.  Merele finally gets the governor in his sights...when a kid gets in the way, then a zombie comes out and he's caught.  Too bad merele.  Not gonna end it so easily...looks like there's going to be one final episode after all.


OOHH...and looks like The Governor kills Merele.  Didn't see that coming either.


Glenn...and maggie.  How romantic.  You're surrounded by zombies and you propose to Maggie.  Hehehehe...that's funny.  Well done Glenn!


Carol and Beth STILL the two with the least number of lines these days.


Rick gets eveyone up to speed on the deal with the governor and Merele and Michonne.


Rick finally gives up being total boss (about freaking time).


Rick puts the fate of the group to a vote.  LOTS of pro's and con's here (which we've all been discussing for weeks).  Rick finally see's Michonne in the yard (wondering if he's imagining it or not).


And back at the negotiation grounds...looks like the car playing the music ran out of gas...or someone turned it off.  LOTS of bodies and blood everywhere.  Daryl sees his brother Merele as as zombie.  That kinda sucks.  The two never really got a long for very long...and yet he's still hurt by it.  That's sad.


Not as sad as SOPHIA's death by any means (I mean second death).  That was really sad.  Not as sad as Shane's death.


Preview of the season finale looks like it's gonna be just like the season finale of season 2 (that epic battle leaving the farm).


This is gonna be a LONG week!


Great episode over all.  More story driven.  Some good zombie action.  But...I still think the second half of the season has been more filler than anything else.  As though they were just buying/killing time to get to the end.  Previous episodes didn't quite feel the same way.


If the comics are any indication of what's to happen (no spoiers here), I'm very curious what's going to happen.  Rick kept his hand (which is good).  How is Tyreese gonna join the group.  Who's gonna die and who's gonna survive?


When in a highly public place, I often [secretly] observe my sorroundings and the people around me and ask myself, "If 99% of the people around me were zombies...and I had but seconds to respond, what would my plan be?" ~ Nina, Zombie enthusiast

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what was up with merle and the phone.  i wonder if he was having a melt down like rick and who he may have been talking too


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Rick actually believing the guvna would leave them alone if he gave them Michonne is really really stupid. It was simply a shitty way to get Merle and Michonne out of the prison. I loved the Merle and Michonne interactions and the entire episode was really strong and filled with badassery. I knew Merle wasn't going to make it out of this season but boy howdy did he go out like a champ.

ROBERTUSSEN = He took the phone and used the cables to bind michonnes hands. "Better use wire, something she isn't going to chew through."

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