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Cotton Hill
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The grand FINALE coming up. Righto here are my predictions for next weeks episode.

Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Lil asskicker and Hershel are going to pack up and leave the prison. Much like Andrea, Glenn, Maggie, Sophia and Dale left in the comics. I don't think we will see this group for the rest of the season. So yeah i just changed my mind about three of the people I thought were definitly going to die this season. Carl is going to be tagged to leave with them but he will sneak off and stay behind in the prison to help fight. Prison gets attacked governor doesn't have a tank but he does have a greanade launcher and obviously blows up one of the towers with it. Allen is going to be all sorts of pissed because Ben was killed by Merle and he will definitly take part in the prison attack.  Milton is at some point going to free Andrea, when she breaks out she will run into Tyreese and Sasha who will side with her and Milton they will ride up to the governors siege lines and put a dent in his forces and possibly kill the governor. The prison will fall and the crew will all get seperated Rick and Carl will run off into the woods and the episode will end all vauge and open ended like.

Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Judith and Hershel = going to leave the prison and show up again next season

Rick, Carl, Carol, Daryl, Michonne = going to stay behind and defend the prison

Andrea, Milton, Sasha, Tyreese = going to show up late in the game and hit the governor from behind

Going to die = Carol, Daryl, Milton, Sasha,

maybe going to die = andrea, tyreese, judith, beth, hershel.

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